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The Hollywood of Stuff

I’ve never been one of those people who sleep till noon.

Well, okay, yes I was. I was the typical teenager who slept the morning away on the weekend. But not till noon. Maybe 11:51.

But as an adult anyhow, I’ve always been up each morning at a reasonable hour. Even on weekends. And if it was mostly because I prefer an afternoon nap…whatever. It still counts.

Sometimes I have risen early enough to see the sunrise. But by ‘seeing the sunrise’, I mean ‘watching it from my kitchen window’.

This year has changed. Thanks to becoming a puppy parent, I am often actually outside at dawn. It is pretty amazing (in good weather).

There is a tree way in the back of our yard. It’s an ordinary tree. But in the early morning, with the sun rising behind it, it takes on an ethereal glow.



I was contemplating this tree yesterday morning, and suddenly I thought:

This is the Grace Kelly of trees.

And I think you may understand what I mean: Classic, exquisite, elegant.

And it occurred to me that many things we see everyday could benefit from similar personifications. By comparing the object to a person so transcendentally famous, we can immediately and clearly convey the precise attributes of that object.

We could call it

The Hollywood Metaphor.

For example:

A great old wrap-around porch could be The Tom Hanks of Porches:  Welcoming, comfortable, unpretentious.

And how about

The Audrey Hepburn of Lamps – slender and upright and distinctly European.

The Oprah Winfrey of Teas – reassuring and warm, while instilling a sense of power.

The Humphrey Bogart of Opossums – so homely you have to love ’em.

The Gregory Peck of Bridges – trustworthy and enduring, but not ostentatious.

The Mick Jagger of Backpacks – leather so worn, your want to rub your body against it.

The Al Pacino of Shoes – over-the-top flamboyant, but you still want to wear them every day.

The Morgan Freeman of Antique Shops – perfect combination of seedy and dignified.

The Gene Hackman of Pickup Trucks – it doesn’t have to look good to get you and your stuff where you need to be.

The Marilyn Monroe of Brandy Snifters – lovely but so fragile you can’t bear to use them.

And of course,

The Meryl Streep of Saucepans – where you can cook absolutely anything and it always comes out perfectly.



  1. Love this post – great analogies! And sunrise is my favorite time of day.

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    • It is beginning to be my favorite time of day too. Although I still love the stillness of the late afternoon.

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      • Sort of a toss-up for me: sunrise or sunset!?


  2. Love the Meryl Streep of saucepans. I think she is amazing.


  3. i love this

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  4. davidhambling

    The Tom Hanks of porches is of course wooden 😉


  5. Pam

    I enjoyed your great analogies! Love your Grace Kelly tree!

    Just this morning, since I was babysitting my grandpuppy overnight, I was out in the backyard with her at 6:00 a.m, when it was so peaceful and absolutely quiet that I noticed a rooster crowing in the distance. I didn’t know there were roosters anywhere near my house! Ha, no kidding! There is something special about the dawn of a new day before the hustle and bustle starts in. It makes me feel like I have the world all to myself for a little while. I always get up earlier than necessary just to have a little time to meditate and acknowledge that all is well. (when it is)


    • I am just discovering the truth of what you have found in the quiet of dawn.


  6. I am not a sleep till noon type of person either I like to be up and get things done with type of person


    • I can’t exactly claim I like to get things done. I just like to enjoy the early morning.


  7. A Nancy Roman type of post! Funny, original, and clever!!!


  8. We just talked about Meryl Streep, as yesterday “east of Africa” was on TV here in Germany. And yes, she can play almost anything, even a saucepan..

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  9. I am also getting good at afternoon naps. It seems to be a luxury. I was able to get the house to myself for a few hours on Sunday and me and a couple of cats luxuriated in the quiet afternoon. Awesome metaphors. I might have to try some of those, but I might also get a headache.


    • I’d love it if you (or anyone) could come up with some more!


  10. Since we got a dog I found the dawn and last-at-night walks to be the best.

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    • Late night is a little spooky around here… very dark, coyotes, etc.


  11. Christine

    In addition to the Grace Kelly of trees I think you can have a John Wayne of trees too — a totally different type, big and solid, maybe storm-damaged but still standing.


    • That would work. I’ve seen some John Wayne trees.


  12. Perfect descriptors. And Sunday afternoon naps are the secret to a happy life.


  13. I also enjoy early mornings (more in summer than winter) and feel I get more out of the day. Plus sunrises are beautiful!


    • I am enjoying more than I thought I would. And although I agree that summers are best, I even liked going out in the dark in the early winter morning.

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  14. Love all these, especially the Mike Jagger backpack. I’m not sure how he’s still getting women to rub against him, but that’s another blog post! Funny!


    • I think charisma is a real and physical thing.


  15. And you, my dear, are the Simone Biles of bloggers!


    • Thank You So Much! Very high praise!

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      • Oops! I meant every word of my ‘label’, but just realized that Simone, wonderful tho she is, is NOT ‘Hollywood’. Hmmm. I guess you’d have to be the Jennifer Lawrence of Bloggers


        • Oh, Simone probably WILL be Hollywood, so you are just ahead of the field.

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  16. If it has Meryl Streep in it, I will want to go see it. I did recently see the one where she sings. Amazing performance.


  17. Enjoyed the list of comparisons. The classic stars will never date your writings!


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