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The Hollywood of Stuff

I’ve never been one of those people who sleep till noon. Well, okay, yes I was. I was the typical teenager who slept the morning away on the weekend. But not till noon. Maybe 11:51. But as an adult anyhow, I’ve always been up each morning at a reasonable hour. Even on weekends. And if …

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I used to swoon for the Academy Awards. I made it a point to see every film nominated, and I prided myself on being able to predict the winners in every category. I went to the movies almost every Saturday when I was a kid. My mother sometimes had to search the sofa cushions for …

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Cry Me A River

I was about ten when I discovered my forever idol. Audrey Hepburn. From that first discovery until today, Audrey embodies everything I ever wanted to be like. Graceful, elegant, kind. But especially everything I wanted to look like. The gorgeous doe eyes, strong brows, expressive mouth with the most perfect lips. And the bone structure, the long …

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New York Report

Last week I went into The City (yup, that’s what we call in out here in East BumF**k) with a friend to see a Broadway play. We saw “Motown: The Musical”.   I love Motown. I loved Motown even before I loved The Beatles. The music in this show was spectacular – although sometimes it …

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Please Don’t Come Back – Part Two

Last Spring I had the honor and infamy to be Freshly Pressed when I posted a picture of myself from 1977.  (Please Don’t Come Back) I had an unshakable sense of style, but unfortunately, 1977 styles were quite shaky. I didn’t think I was overly brave publishing that horrible picture. If a hundred or so people …

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Skinny, But Not Too Skinny

Back in November, I went to The City (New York City, of course; we just call it The City in Connecticut – we’re that cool) and discovered that I had slipped off the fashion treadmill. I was still wearing boot-cut jeans when everyone had gone to skinny jeans tucked into tall boots (“Country Mouse“). This only …

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