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Famous – But Not In A Good Way

I love to write. I love being able to create a world of my own. I love telling stories. I love the feeling when I come up with just the right word or phrase. I love writing. I love what I’ve written. All of it. The good and the not-so-good. The words are mine and …

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The Hollywood of Stuff

I’ve never been one of those people who sleep till noon. Well, okay, yes I was. I was the typical teenager who slept the morning away on the weekend. But not till noon. Maybe 11:51. But as an adult anyhow, I’ve always been up each morning at a reasonable hour. Even on weekends. And if …

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Regrets – I’ve Had A Few

It’s August, and of course we are already being inundated with back-to-school advertising. When I was a kid, I hated seeing those ads for school clothes and  newspaper flyers for pencils and notepads. It was August. Not time to think about school. Give me another month of wonderful summer, please. But since school seems to …

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The Joys Of August

It’s August. The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking. I worry. I want us all to be okay. I am from the Woodstock generation, after all. I thought – for a very …

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One More Little Mystery

I’ve written lately about a few little mysteries that have bugged me for a long time. Some important – like I NEED some answers concerning the assassinations that changed our lives. And another from my childhood – the Betsy Ross tale of the five-pointed star – that I was able to solve in a few …

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How I Won The Dance Contest

HOW I WON THE DANCE CONTEST – OR- PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING In 1965, the local radio station threw a block party. The AM station, WBIS, was insignificant and unpopular. Their claim to fame was that the actor Bob Crane had started his career there. The Hartford stations WPOP and WDRC were the stations everyone listened …

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Political Pledge

I’ve been through a lot of election cycles. I don’t remember Truman (though I was alive during his presidency)  and I vaguely remember Eisenhower as president… not as candidate. The first election I remember is Kennedy’s. I was nine. I remember how excited the nuns were back in 1960 – with a Catholic running for …

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The Boy Who Broke My Heart

I did not have a lot of boyfriends when I was young. I was a little self-conscious and nerdy, and could not figure out how to connect with boys, although I wanted to. But now and then, in my teens and twenties, I managed somehow to find myself with a boyfriend. I met Lee when …

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The 8-Year-Old Skeptic

I was a typical gullible kid. At least I think so. I’m sure at some point I believed in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, although I can’t remember when. I certainly remember pretending that I did, since my parents told me quite sternly that kids who don’t believe in Santa (or who ruin it …

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Birthday Antics

Not mine. I had my antics back in February. But I’m not very high on the Antic Scale anyway. I’d rate myself a 3.5 on the Antic Scale. Although I used to be a 1.2, so I am definitely upping my antics as I age. My husband, in his younger days, was about a 7.8, …

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