Nancy Roman

Famous – But Not In A Good Way

I love to write.

I love being able to create a world of my own. I love telling stories. I love the feeling when I come up with just the right word or phrase.

I love writing. I love what I’ve written. All of it. The good and the not-so-good. The words are mine and I find great pleasure in them.

And I also love being read. I love an audience. I love making someone laugh. Or touching someone with a heartfelt paragraph.

Of course, when something gives you this much satisfaction – and bliss – you do if for the sheer joy of it.

Recognition is secondary.

But oh, I will confess, I have an egocentric little piece of my brain that would love to be famous for something I have written.

And it has happened!

And not just in my little corner of Connecticut. Last week I became an international sensation.


On August 10, someone who logged on as “Your Friend” commented on my blog,

“You made it to a finnish newspaper”

And this “friend” added a link.

Oh boy, I thought…perhaps they have picked up one of my best blogs – maybe the one about visiting a nude beach (I still get hits to my blog from that one), or maybe one of the posts about my sweet puppy, or one of my pieces about being happier as I age. Or maybe the one I am most proud of – my essay on living with childlessness.

So with great anticipation, I clicked on the link.

And there it was. My tweet from a few days earlier.


In Finland!


Yes, my Olympic tweet.

A fortunate photographer had captured two of the German Field Hockey players standing side by side, and their names delighted the most tasteless and silly the of internet world.

Including me.

And out of the probably hundreds (or maybe thousands) of the crassest of tweets, Finland chose mine!

What an honor!

I thought about the enormity of my Finnish fame for a few minutes.

Then I googled:

Nancy Roman Butt Fuchs

And OMG, my fame was everywhere!




“Kindisch” — Ja, I sure am.




And India.


And the U.K.

And dozens right here in the old U.S. of A.

Can you imagine?

Maybe I am famous all over the world right now!!!

My Dad would be so proud.

Thankfully, I did not use my maiden name.


  1. Congrats on your world wide fame! Will you remember all of us little people that knew you back when? I suppose you have people to take care of that sort of thing now.

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  2. Nothing is funnier than someone who knows how to laugh at herself. Congratulations for your international fame!

    Liked by 2 people

    • The worst part is that all the people who really liked it will expect me to be that tasteless all the time! I am only tasteless part of the time!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. You can’t choose how and when you get famous! Here’s hoping some of these new followers check out some of your other writing. BTW – I bought and read your book based on this blog and loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thank you so much! Now THAT is what I’d really like to be famous for!


  4. It wasn’t the photo that made you famous – it was what you wrote about it! So your writing is famous 🙂

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  5. You and Sally Bowles, international sensations”! Congrats!

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  6. Be careful what you wish for, I have been told…. anyway, you’re famous for making people laugh and has to be good.


  7. This is way past 15 minutes of fame that we think we are each entitled to. Should we congratulate or commiserate? I think congrats are in order as you did spot that photo

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    • You’re right. I did see the photo and my immature brain laughed immediately.


  8. creamonkoffee

    Hi Nancy do look forward to reading your posts. Refreshing write ups. An amateur myself, would be honoured if you could go through my posts on


  9. Bobbi

    Okay so now I want to read the post on the nude sun bathing….when was that entered?


  10. That is actually quite funny! I guess fame comes in many forms, and we don’t always get to choose!


    • I would certainly rather be known for writing a good novel. But thankfully, this fame won’t last!


  11. hahahahahahahahahaha. You never know where fame will come from.


    • I should be honored, I guess. So many people tweeted that dumb picture. And the internet chose MINE!


  12. Ha! Congrats on your fame!


    • Thanks. I am only hoping this type of fame will be short-lived.


  13. Much deserved! High-fives from Seattle, WA.

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  14. D.

    Take it!

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  15. you know, I actually saw it trending on facebook! didn’t click in until just now. Great post, love your writing.


  16. How funny! Just goes to show, you never know.
    Besides, everyone has to start somewhere whether it’s being a veggie in the school play or noticing and pointing out something in play.


    • I think if I am really lucky, I will get to be a veggie in a school play.

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  17. So funny. To quote PT Barnum, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Congratulations!


  18. THIS is HILARIOUS! And the kind of thing that could only happen through the social media. I am SO jealous. (And yes, I am also immature; just not FAMOUSLY immature) xoxoxo


  19. You broke the internet!


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