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Proud Mary

Like everyone in the world, I love music. But I am not a connoisseur. I don’t collect music. I don’t have a fancy music-playing thing – are people still using ipods and mp3s? I don’t even know. The last time I bought music it was The Best of James Taylor. I listen to the radio …

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The Hollywood of Stuff

I’ve never been one of those people who sleep till noon. Well, okay, yes I was. I was the typical teenager who slept the morning away on the weekend. But not till noon. Maybe 11:51. But as an adult anyhow, I’ve always been up each morning at a reasonable hour. Even on weekends. And if …

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I used to swoon for the Academy Awards. I made it a point to see every film nominated, and I prided myself on being able to predict the winners in every category. I went to the movies almost every Saturday when I was a kid. My mother sometimes had to search the sofa cushions for …

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“Mad Men”- or – “I’m Mad At Men”

I am not always the hippest person when it comes to pop culture – which you probably can tell because  I used the word ‘hippest.’ At least I didn’t use ‘hep.’ Although I follow Fashion as my religion (at least for a woman my age; I would certainly never claim to be as smart as …

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