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New York Fashion Report

Well, I went to New York City this week, and as your fashion correspondent from East Bumf**k, let me reassure you that skinny jeans are still in style.

It was good news for me, at least, because I only recently invested in a few pair. And I’d like to think I can wear them at least until they go through the washing machine twice.

Yes, Skinny pants are still big in the Big Apple. With boots (which I will discuss further below).

When we got to Grand Central Terminal, I thought for a second that I was in that old Superbowl commercial where all the identical zombie executives are marching off to work. Everyone this year has a black coat. And I mean EVERYONE.  Me too. I was in style and I didn’t even know it. Up here in rural northwest Connecticut, bright ski jackets are popular. I thought that my black parka was a real standout. But no. The good news is that I am hip to New York Style. The bad news is that I am just another zombie.

Handbags are huge, and getting huger.

big bagYou don’t need a suitcase when you travel anymore. As a matter of fact, if you missed your plane, you could crawl inside, like a sleeping bag. They are cute though. And my husband could see how infatuated I was, so he bought me the miniature size – the smallest one in the store. I used it today, and I after I put all my stuff in, I could still fit a full-sized accordion.  So I am thinking of taking music lessons.

Makeup is fantastic right now.  Lots of eyeliner but a natural cheek and lip.  This is me to a tee. And it means I don’t have to sharpen my liner pencil very often.  It can be a thick stubby blunt crayon that draws a line 5/8 of an inch, and it’ll be perfect.

And I don’t like dark lipstick anyway. I have tiny lips and dark lipstick makes me look like Lillian Gish. She was quite a beauty in her day, but her day was 1915.


And now the boots.

I wore pointy ankle booties.

ankle booties

Like these. Only these are $1,045, and mine were about $965 less. Close though.

Despite the pointy toes and skinny heels, these boots are very comfortable, and I figured they’d be perfect for New York.

It was snowy, rainy and windy.  But I did my best to keep my balance through the slippery slush. I looked great – if unsteady.

But no one else was wearing these stylish ankle booties with their skinny jeans.

They were all wearing knee-high, flat heeled, rubber boots.

Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

Can you believe it?  Practical boots in bad weather in New York?

I was shocked.  And impressed.  They were very cool – in army green, and yellow, and red, and even bright floral prints.  With skinny jeans tucked in, they looked so urban sophisticated.  (And you could muck out the barn too.)

Yes, as your fashion expert, I can assure you that these boots have an amazing coolness factor.

And I have proof.

As my husband and I followed a woman in mustard yellow knee-high rubber boots, my husband whispered to me, “Boy, are those boots stupid!”

I want some.

Hailing a cab - next year.

Hailing a cab – next year.


  1. Gee! I had no idea I was in high New York style with my tall avocado green rubber boots. I wear em when things get slushy and muddy here in the country. I even tuck my not-so-skinny jeans in. Next thing you know gray hair will be high style in New York as well? Once again, I love your blog. You are sooo funny! And your great illustrations add to the fun.


    • Thanks. I don’t think I want gray hair to be in style. I am not ready.


  2. Wow. A lot of people in San Antonio have been wearing rubber rain boots, too. Usually we are about 3 years behind fashion trends, so it’s good to know we hopped on this train before it pulled out of the station.


    • I know I am a snob, but it depresses me to think that Texans are onto a fashion trend before me. I think I will tell myself that Texas is 25 years behind, so their rubber boot fashion is from the ninities. I feel much better now.


      • I think that’s probably more likely anyway. I mean, this is the place that wears cowboy boots with short shorts, so I think if they happen to be following any fashion trends it’s pure coincidence.


  3. You could carry the ankle booties in the ginormous handbag? Such fun.


    • I could carry the knee high rain boots in the ginormous bag.


  4. Eek, I am in style….handbag only. I love your booties and am with your husband the rubber boots are stupid, sorry.

    Love your fashion week in New York! Love the illustrations, as always you are a muse to those of us with no sense of style.


    • But I figure if he hates them, they must be really cool. He is a good standard (in a negative way.)


  5. I love those green boots. I would wear them all the time.
    It seems it has been too long since I was in New York. Last time I was there I bought a pair of boots like yours…in the avocado green…but the same style.


    • I love my pointy toe booties. I could wear them every day. I wore them with a miniskirt yesterday – I am that freakin’ cool…..


  6. Yay, I’m finally ‘in style’. I bought myself some pretty blue ‘rubber boots’ last year when I had to muck out the (city-owned but not maintained) ‘creek’ that runs through the back of our property (its actually a storm water runoff ditch, but I like to pretend it’s natural) and I despaired of having to spend $90 on something I’d only wear a couple of times a year and for messy, dirty work (that I shouldn’t have had to do in the first place). Now I know I can wear them ‘out and about’ too. Maybe I’ll pull ’em on when I go shopping later today (although I guess I should wipe off the mud first).


  7. dragonhavn (@dragonhavn)

    Apparently, wearing one’s gray is becoming a small trend … in some places. Of course, it helps if the gray is the beautiful sterling silver, snow white sort instead of the dirty dishwater “where’s my hair color!” sort that I’m blesses with. (having just gone from medium brown to tawny blonde a week ago … really white roots? and the back is still … medium brown, not a bad look if it weren’t for the sweep of “are you kidding” gray between the two … So, blond it is. I was wondering about the rubber boots in floral that I’d seen. Interesting. Not for me though, knee high and flat heeled maybe; rubber, not so much. Thanks for the update!


  8. Don’t want to sound long in the tooth, but don’t rubber boots make your feet sweat (more than usual, if they sweat at all)?

    Love the fashion update, and of course the pictures and sketch. I’m so behind the times. I have winter knee high boots but have only worn them three times this winter.


  9. That’s why you need the big bag, to carry the boots.


  10. Practical is fashionable? Wha??? Now we know these are the end days.

    I’m wearing skinny jeans, too, but just because I’ve gained some weight. Somehow, I don’t think that’s the look everybody else is going for.


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