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New York Fashion Report

Well, I went to New York City this week, and as your fashion correspondent from East Bumf**k, let me reassure you that skinny jeans are still in style. It was good news for me, at least, because I only recently invested in a few pair. And I’d like to think I can wear them at …

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Again With Boots

If I appear slightly obsessed with boots… well…I guess I can live with that. But it’s not my fault. Boots just keep tromping into my life. To recap (yeah, that’s another post; everything converges), I bought these great boots, although I had to get them two sizes too big in order to zip them up …

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But My Ankles Look Slim.

Last month when I spent the day in New York City, I found that my beloved boot-cut jeans were out of fashion, and everyone was wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots (“Country Mouse“). I always buy Christmas presents for myself. And guess what? I always seem to pick out just the perfect gift for me. It’s …

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