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Just An Excuse To Draw Something Silly

Have you ever seen “Lucky” magazine? I kept seeing references to “Lucky” on fashion web sites. It’s a magazine devoted to SHOPPING. Well, that’s right up my alley. The name of my alley, as a matter of fact, if that alley was called Shopaholic Street.  I could use (yet) another source for sampling the latest …

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I noticed over the last year or so that my favorite catalogs have changed. Or perhaps I have. There are two retailers in particular where I used to buy almost all my clothes. They were stylish but age-appropriate. What I used to call “Classic with a side of Funk.” But I have been gradually and …

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Please Don’t Come Back – Part Two

Last Spring I had the honor and infamy to be Freshly Pressed when I posted a picture of myself from 1977.  (Please Don’t Come Back) I had an unshakable sense of style, but unfortunately, 1977 styles were quite shaky. I didn’t think I was overly brave publishing that horrible picture. If a hundred or so people …

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New York Fashion Report

Well, I went to New York City this week, and as your fashion correspondent from East Bumf**k, let me reassure you that skinny jeans are still in style. It was good news for me, at least, because I only recently invested in a few pair. And I’d like to think I can wear them at …

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Wastin’ Time

“I’m just sittin’ on the dock of EBay…. Wastin’  Time…” Well, not exactly. But close. For the last month, I have become addicted to something other than blogging. It all started with Pinterest. I couldn’t imagine what anyone would use this for. Then while browsing on a shopping site, I saw a sweater I kind …

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Dear John:

It’s over. I’m so sorry. I thought it would last forever. And it almost did. Eight years. Eight years is nearly forever in the fashion world. I thought it was Love. But it was merely Infatuation. You saw me through my big career phase, my semi-retirement phase, and for the last several years, my littler …

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I Hope He Kept The Receipt

My husband and I are having the BEST disagreement EVER! My sweet and exasperating husband has a tendency to go a little overboard sometimes.  Which drives me crazy when it is dicing vegetables or watering the plants. When it is buying me presents – well –  I can tolerate it. This year he outdid himself.  …

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Rapunzel – The Mature Version

It was August of 1965, and I was about to start high school. This called for a significant style change.  I was more than ready to leave behind the grammar school uniforms and pick up the makeup. I remember sitting on a blanket at Burr Pond (a nearby park) with my Aunt Pat. Aunt Pat was …

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Child Prodigy

By now I am sure you are wondering: How in the world did Nancy acquire her unerring fashion sense? Well, I don’t want to discourage you if you aspire to my ‘chic-ness’  – but the truth is: I was born this way. Why, I remember lying in my crib, watching my sweet old auntie (whose …

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Your New Hues

Because I am addicted to Fashion  – and because I get a ton of junk emails just loaded with useless information –I have the scoop on the hot colors for this autumn. The hottest of the hot is Burnt Orange.  (Yup, Burnt is hot).  This year it is softer and ‘dustier’ than last year’s orange. …

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