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Last week was Goldie Hawn’s 70th birthday. I’m about a medium when it comes to celebrity infatuation. I’m not overly obsessed with the famous, but I am not above enjoying People magazine in the doctor’s office. I like Goldie Hawn. She always had a unique look, and seemed to accept herself just as is. She …

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Old Lady Stuff I Like

On my post, Not Quite Old Enough For This, I listed lots of Old Lady stuff that gives me the Old Lady shingles – sandals with pantyhose, rainbonnets, etc. However, I confess an affection for some truly Old Lady accoutrements: Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Cologne My husband gave me this for Christmas about five years …

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Not Quite Old – Yoga

My favorite part of Eat, Pray, Love –no wait—my favorite part was scarfing down all of Italy.  Let me rephrase—the only part of “Pray” that I liked was one little paragraph where Elizabeth Gilbert describes her meditation.  She’s really beginning to enjoy the mindful solitude of meditation.  So much so that deep in the serenity …

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Not Quite Old Enough For This – Postscript

A friend considerably younger than I took umbrage – politely, of course—with my inclusion of brooches as too old for me.  She has for years enjoyed brooch-embellished jackets.  I concede that an unusual pin is sometimes a nice addition to one’s chest.  So I withdraw that weird purple brooch, and offer this instead: Certainly I …

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Not Quite Old Enough For This

I have accepted the fact that I am just too old for some things: Miniskirts Bikinis Body Glitter Visible bra straps Polka-dot manicures Bare midriffs Thigh high boots Pigtails (which I would never wear anyway) Navel piercing (which I would SO do, if I were twenty-five again) It is with regret that I say goodbye …

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Not Quite Old Makeup #2

Back to the three levels of Makeup: Wal-Mart Work Wedding I figure I wear Makeup #1 – Walmart makeup – 10 times per year, and Wedding makeup, twice.  That means for 353 days out of 365, I wear makeup #2, Work Makeup..  Work makeup is appropriately named.  Not only because I wear it to work.  …

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Not Quite Old Makeup #1

There are three levels of makeup:             1. Wal-Mart             2. Work             3. Wedding The Wal-Mart level is the minimum makeup I wear out in public.  This is the run-to-the-supermarket-for-milk makeup, the cat-ate-a-paperclip-go-to-vet makeup, and the ATM (but not INSIDE the bank) makeup.  For women under forty this makeup level is also called:  NONE.  …

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Not Quite Old Tanning

There’s no doubt about it, tanning ages your skin.  Unfortunately, white skin ages YOU. I mean, really, is there anything older than an old lady’s white shin?  Perhaps her white thigh, which is why old ladies never reveal anything above the knee. I have white skin.  Luckily, I’m not the burn and peel, burn and …

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Not Quite Old Lips

Thin lips are aging.  This is what I see on TV, magazines, web, and cosmetic ads everywhere.  Thin lips are aging; plump lips are youthful. I  have thin lips.  I have a little mouth with teeny tiny lips.  I probably would have been a beauty if I’d been around when Lillian Gish was making silent …

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