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Last week was Goldie Hawn’s 70th birthday.

I’m about a medium when it comes to celebrity infatuation. I’m not overly obsessed with the famous, but I am not above enjoying People magazine in the doctor’s office.

I like Goldie Hawn. She always had a unique look, and seemed to accept herself just as is. She appears to be at ease, embracing even, the character she created – the ditzy blonde who’s intelligent and shrewd underneath the giggles. And she even produced a couple of movies – like “Private Benjamin” – that exploited (in the best sense of the word) her rather adorable persona.

And on top of that, she has lived her life on her own terms.

So I like her.

And I became mildly incensed – is that possible? – mildly AND incensed? – it seems like a contradiction, but that description feels right – when I saw TWO internet articles recently about

“Stars Who Have Let Themselves Go”

And there she is:  Goldie.

In the most unfair way possible.

First these articles show a photo of Goldie in her most youthful loveliness


And then they jump to this:


This pisses me off.

The first photo is a glamour shot – taken by a professional, with hair and makeup and lighting just perfect.

And the second is probably the result of some paparazzi with a telephoto lens shot while Goldie was taking out the garbage or something.

And that’s called “Letting Yourself Go.”

Why wouldn’t they compare the first photo to a comparable contemporary pic? Nicely dressed, hair and makeup done?

Like this one:goldie now


Or perhaps, let’s do the opposite.

If you are going to show a bad “Old Goldie” – why not compare to a bad “Young Goldie”?

Like this:


Or – even better, why not show “Bad Young Goldie” side by side with “Nice Old Goldie”?

Like this:



And then you could say:

“Stars Who Just Keep Getting Better”

For God’s sake, Goldie is SEVENTY years old!  She isn’t letting herself go. She is letting herself AGE. And pretty well, I might add.

And some nasty folks might be thinking, “She’s probably had some work done.”  Well, sure. She works in HOLLYWOOD. Where you are not allowed to age, remember?

And while I’m at it, let’s defend Barbra Streisand too, who always makes these “shocking photos” lists.

Instead of showing her horrible aging process:


Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to show her fabulous aging process?


Holy Crap!  She’s gorgeous!

Right now!  Gorgeous!


In the U.S. there are 43 million people over the age of 65.

And in a few months, I will be one of them.

And we are getting more beautiful every year.


  1. Bravo!!!


    • I just don’t understand the “Ageism” in this country – when the whole population is aging. We need a whole new set of standards.


  2. Yep. Turning 60 next week. Totally looking forward to it. Just getting better.


  3. Excellent! I don’t pay any attention to the celebrity magazines for just that reason. I’ll be 60 in early January. God help anyone taking my picture as I take the garbage out.


    • I was in the middle of housework yesterday when I got an emergency call from the office, and had to rush in. I hope the security camera footage will be deleted promptly.


  4. You are so right! Those pictures of aging celebs tick me off and you highlighted two great examples of women who are still beautiful no matter their ages. So they have wrinkles – they’re supposed to have wrinkles! I don’t know anyone over the age of 60 (myself included), who doesn’t have some wrinkling going on – means we’ve lived, at least. Great post.


    • I think they both look beautiful. And not “beautiful for their age” – just beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. sassycoupleok

    We agree, what is the point of showing those aging pics ?? Who of us doesn’t try to look our best when we leave the house. I’m well over 60 and my wife is in her mid 50s, so bravo to them for looking as well as they do. We should all strive to look our best.


    • I feel so much better when I know I look nice. It compounds.


      • sassycoupleok

        We live a C/O lifestyle but still enjoy dressing up to look our best when we got out and yes it does feel good and compounds.


  6. I love this!


  7. Couldn’t agree more, and I liked your comparisons. Of course anyone without their ‘public image’ face will look less glamorous when they’ve just got up, worked out, or taken the garbage out. Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, and Honor Blackman are fabulous for their age.
    I’m trying to grow old gracefully, which is a bit of a game as I’ve never been graceful in my life! I’m 60 next year, but I still have my dark hair (mostly), all my own teeth (a few gaps agreed) and good skin.


    • I admit to hair dye and good makeup. But why not?


      • Why not indeed. I was never one for makeup anyway and the only time I had my hair hi-lighted, it didn’t look any different!


  8. don’t trust any statistics you haven’t forged yourself, and neither any snapshots….


    • I love digital cameras – you can take extra shots (like 200) to get a really good one. And the good one is what you REALLY look like!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Excellent! I am 70 and never looked better. My favorite 70-year-old star is Helen Mirren.


    • Mine too. I was thinking about adding Helen Mirren to this post, but I really couldn’t find any BAD pictures of her!


      • Ray G

        That’s because Helen is a fox.


  10. I suspect those ‘bad’ images were as digitally manipulated as some of the ‘glam shots’ we see on magazine covers these days. Everyone ages and not always gracefully and we should be used to it – and accepting of it – by now. (And how come those sites don’t showcase photos like this of famous men – like Brad and George, for example!?!?!? Why is it just the women they pick on?!?!?!) Hollywood is far too hung up on ‘looking good’ as opposed to ‘being good’ (Did you read about Carrie Fisher supposedly being asked to lose 35 pounds for the new Star Wars movie? Can you imagine being told to lose weight for your job?!?!?) Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was simply accepted for who they are?!?!?.


    • sassycoupleok

      Hollywood is the one place no one is accepted as they are. Actors are required all the time to add or loose weight for certain roles. That’s why they make the big bucks. 🙂


  11. Good for you! You should send these to them. Because they made me feel good and I’m not even them.


    • I think no matter how successful you are, it must hurt to have people make fun of you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes!!!! And face it, sometimes even the best of us look like hell!

        Liked by 1 person

  12. Abso-friggin-lutely!!! I agree completely with you…and with all the comments, too. I’ll be 69 in a week and I think I look fabulous. Those kinds of articles make me so mad, I don’t even look at them anymore.


    • My husband just bought me a sexy outfit to wear for the holidays, and I’m 64. And I’m going to WEAR it!!!!!


  13. sassycoupleok

    BTW, all the 60+ year olds here should know that 60 is the new 50. Live young my friends !!! 😉


    • I honestly think I look better now at 64 than I did 20 years ago. Let’s just call me a REALLY late bloomer!


      • sassycoupleok

        You are fabulous my friend !! 🙂


  14. And this is why I stopped taking out the garbage!


  15. Great post! Thank you!


  16. That is a wonderful post, thank you!! Great points,well made!! Keep up the good fight.


  17. I totally get this, but have to say was disappointed in the extensive plastic surgery from Goldie. I saw her on some award show and she’s almost unrecognizable. Maybe she was still swollen from the operation, but I always hoped she’d take the Meryl Streep route and age more naturally.


    • I agree, but I understand it. Women are not allowed to age in Hollywood. I think Meryl is extraordinarily brave.


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