Nancy Roman

Not Quite Old Lips

Thin lips are aging.  This is what I see on TV, magazines, web, and cosmetic ads everywhere.  Thin lips are aging; plump lips are youthful.

I  have thin lips.  I have a little mouth with teeny tiny lips.  I probably would have been a beauty if I’d been around when Lillian Gish was making silent movies.

 Of course, there are solutions.  Lip-plumping lipsticks and glosses are the easiest and cheapest.  There are two kinds:  plenty stinging and plenty gooey.  Neither is plenty plumping.

 There are also injections of collagen or other stuff to give you nice fat lips.  These injections must hurt a lot and cost a lot.  But they give you enormous fish lips.  But it doesn’t last.  It must be weird for your loved ones and co-workers to see you all plumped up and then slowly deflate as the days go on.  Only to plump up again.  Sort of like the ebb and flow of the tides.

 But here is my question:  If thin lips are so aging, why did all the boys in high school think I was twelve?

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  1. The other possible solution that is not mentioned here: get a bee to sting your lips!

    The swelling should work and it probably does not hurt any more than having a collagen injection.


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