Nancy Roman

Old Lady Stuff I Like

On my post, Not Quite Old Enough For This, I listed lots of Old Lady stuff that gives me the Old Lady shingles – sandals with pantyhose, rainbonnets, etc.

However, I confess an affection for some truly Old Lady accoutrements:

Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Cologne

My husband gave me this for Christmas about five years ago.  Some dumb saleslady sold this to him, probably assuming I was as old as him.  But he’s as old as the hills, whereas I am almost six whole years younger.  I rolled my eyes when I unwrapped the gift.  Old Lady Perfume?  Not me!  But you know, I kind of liked it.  I wouldn’t admit it at first, but I started wearing it just once in a while (i.e., every day) and when the bottle ran out, I bought another.  And another.  And the body lotion. It’s still old lady perfume, but I smell nice.  (This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement; but if someone wants to pay me, I would politely accept.)

The Slanket

Okay, I don’t have a Slanket.  But for about ten months a year, I do wear a blanket while watching TV. And a blanket with sleeves would totally make it easier to do just about anything.  Like snack.  And look at the girl in this ad… she’s very very happy – and young too!  This Fall, I am buying one for sure.


My Great Aunt Lil always had a pretty pillbox in her purse.  This is mine.  My headache feels better as soon as I take it out.  That’s called the synergistic effect in pharmacology. Medically proven.


I didn’t get married until I was forty.  That’s a lot of years to wear sexy underthings; you know—just in case.  Bikinis, thongs, teddies: they look amazing.  But can you sit in them?  Soon after the honeymoon, I bought a supply of real underpants.  Thank you, Costco.


  1. Hilarious! I do have a snuggie…and I got white diamonds when i was like 15…it was in some trial pack…and *gasp* I liked it too!…but underpants…still hate em….


  2. SOOOOO funny! Now those are big girl panties! I love your blog!


    • Love to both of you! And if you only just tried those big-girl panties, and saw how friendly they are to sit down in, you’d find a way to think of them as stylish. Maybe we could call them ‘zumba’ pants, like the tap-pants of the eighties. That might make them hot.


  3. I was surprised to find that like white diamonds, too. It smells pretty.


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