Nancy Roman

Not Quite Old Enough For This – Postscript

A friend considerably younger than I took umbrage – politely, of course—with my inclusion of brooches as too old for me.  She has for years enjoyed brooch-embellished jackets.  I concede that an unusual pin is sometimes a nice addition to one’s chest.  So I withdraw that weird purple brooch, and offer this instead:

Certainly I can get consensus that watch pins are too old.  My young coworkers think I am old just wearing a watch in the normal place, never mind on my bosom, since cellphones provide a constant accurate time.   My cellphone is not as simple to look at as my own wrist, however.

And as a reminder of the passing of time to whoever might be facing me, well, it’s upside down.

Another discussion has led me to also include The SHAWL – a garment strangely enough both TOO YOUNG and TOO OLD for me.



  1. Oh, boy, do I know how you feel! Every time I go clothes shopping it’s brought home to me that (like the character Evelyn Couch in “Fried Green Tomatoes”) I’m too old to be young and too young to be old.


  2. We are definitely on the same wavelength….Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite books (and movies). I don’t want to look like a teenager…but I certainly don’t want to look old either!


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