Nancy Roman

Just An Excuse To Draw Something Silly

Have you ever seen “Lucky” magazine?

I kept seeing references to “Lucky” on fashion web sites. It’s a magazine devoted to SHOPPING.

Well, that’s right up my alley. The name of my alley, as a matter of fact, if that alley was called Shopaholic Street.  I could use (yet) another source for sampling the latest trends, and perhaps tip me off to some great buys.

So of course I subscribed.

“Lucky” is not quite what I thought.

Yeah, it’s all about great clothes and beauty products and where to buy them.

But I’m not exactly in their demographic.

Lucky’s demo appears to be:

Billionaire Teenagers.

I would think that’s a really small niche, but maybe not.  There might be a whole world of billionaire teenagers who like $74 shampoo and $695 polkadot boots. Why just this month they had their “Amazing Bargains” issue – where every piece of clothing was under – wait for it – $500!  A steal!

And now that I am a subscriber (for another five months, I’m afraid), I get great emails too.

Like today.

croptops email


Yes, I can!


Lucky should add some qualifiers:

croptops email 2


A personalized email:

crop top q1

 – (no)

crop top q2

– (I can sometimes make it to 65 degrees)

crop top q3

– (It doesn’t stick out more than my boobs)

crop top q4

– (We don’t have Navel Fridays yet)

crop top q5

– (I’m applying for early admission  – to the Medicare program)






  1. Haha! I keep getting emails for hearing aids and viagara (and didn’t subscribe to either!)


  2. I agree: you wouldn’t think there would be enough billionaire teenagers to have a magazine devoted to them.
    Love your humor!


    • Well, it’s certainly teenage clothes with very high pricetags!


  3. Billionaire teens? They really aren’t, are they? It’s not their money; it’s daddy’s.
    See how advertisers find a way into everyone’s pocket? I’d like another look at the bargain page. 😀 😀 😀


    • Their mommies and daddies must have a great deal of disposable income. What teenager is spending $900 on a pair of shoes????

      Liked by 1 person

      • Not me, that’s for sure. I hope those kids have to at least take the garbage out or something to earn $900. 😀 😀 😀 Maybe wash the car or take the dog out for a walk? 😀 😀 😀


  4. You have saved me from subscribing! At first I thought it would be a division of Lucky Brand. Now find us a good hair magazine with styles that aren’t for the prepubescent! Maybe there aren’t any.


    • I love Lucky Brand jeans. But this is more high fashion for the really adolescent.


  5. Billionaire teenagers seem to be running the world. That’s why they are called, “Lucky”. Most of us are just lucky to have a roof over our head. Personally, I think blue belly is better than blue beard.


  6. Bonnie

    Lucky shows the ugliest clothes. I can’t imagine spending money on any of it. Not my demographic!


    • There is very little to appeal to me either. Subscribing was a mistake… I should have checked out what the print version was like, but it was a very low cost, and so I figured why not. But really. Yecchh. I am surprised you are even familiar with that magazine.


  7. Why would Lucky be giving these billionaire teenagers such bad ideas? Oh wait, why wouldn’t they? If spoiled little missy has $500 to buy half a shirt, why not take advantage of that, right? 🙂


    • I would gladly sell the little nincompoop something terrible for that price.


  8. HAHA this is a perfect flowchart for any garment. 🙂


    • Except for the bellybutton part. But on second thought…. we should keep it in.


  9. Hilarious!


  10. Hubbs very sweetly always stocks my Christmas stocking with a bunch of current magazines – fun, fun! But between Lucky and Cosmo there’s some really rapid reading right there … Crop tops in winter makes me think of how all the major news channel (female) anchors are ALWAYS in sleeveless dresses … while the men are all in suits. What the?



    • Ha! And cop shows… especially CSI Miami… all the guys wore suits and all the girls wore…nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Haha! I love crop tops, but even I don’t wear them in winter and I’m in south Florida! C’mon, Lucky. Hey, guess what came in the mail this morning? Just in time for some weekend reading– Just What I Always Wanted!! I am so excited to read it!


    • I think crop tops are cute – but I’m 63. Plus… I wear a cami under my regular tops all winter. I’m in friggin Connecticut!
      Thanks so much for buying my book! I hope you enjoy it !


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