Nancy Roman

Dear John:

It’s over.

I’m so sorry. I thought it would last forever.

And it almost did. Eight years.

Eight years is nearly forever in the fashion world.

I thought it was Love. But it was merely Infatuation.

You saw me through my big career phase, my semi-retirement phase, and for the last several years, my littler career phase. You’ve taken me through boring meetings and fascinating vacations, cruise nights and county fairs, Sunday brunches and family holidays.

I owe you so much. You deserve better.

It’s my fault. Not yours.

I’ve been tempted. And I’ve given in.

To long slinky tops.

Bye, Bye Cardigans.

Yes. It’s true.

For years I have collected my beloved cardigan sweaters in every possible color and weight.


These are just the solids. The argyles and florals didn’t fit in the photo.

And they were perfect.

Until I strayed.

Two months ago I was buying my third black cardigan. I really needed this one because it had snaps instead of buttons.

But hanging near the black snappy cardigan was a long v-neck sweater in a warm gray. It lured me with its soft color and the magic seductive word…”Sale”.  And I tried it on.  And succumbed.

I’ve always loved my cardigans because they are so forgiving. But now that I am slim, I loved the clingy, revealing, unforgiving sexiness of the long grey pullover.

Sexiness. Yes, I said it.

I have the rest of my life to be old. I only have a short time left to be sexy.

So I bought the snapped cardi. But I also bought the slinky gray.

And the first time I wore it, my husband said “Hubba Hubba.”  He’s always liked the way I looked, but my cardigans never evoked a “Hubba Hubba.”

So I bought a black one. And a red one. And I wore the gray one on Christmas Eve. And then the red one on Christmas Day.

And then I shopped for a few more.

I used to avoid stripes like they were as evil as green eyeshadow.  But stripes are sexy. And I am now addicted to sexy. Sixty is sexy. And almost sixty-two is the very end of sexy. I am desperate.  So I bought one. Then a few more. Today I bought two more.

I’m sorry, cardigans, to be unfaithful.

photo (34)

New and slinky.

But I have to let you go.

I have so much shopping to do.



  1. LOL. Good for you! Since I’m sixty- four, I think it’s not too late to dress sexy. Love your husband’s response.


    • It’s funny – but I think there is an acceptance – even joy – that you find in your own body later in life. I felt very unattractive at 30. And now, closing in on 62, I feel beautiful.


  2. Cyndi L

    I’m just waiting for a few more pounds to go, then I’m right there with you!


    • At least get youself a sexy camisole to wear with your cardigan…. and you’ll make me feel better about my cardigan betrayal.


  3. dragonhavn (@dragonhavn)

    LOL. Love this.


  4. 🙂 This made me smile. Hurrah for cardigan-free adventures! 🙂


    • If only I had an adventure to go with my cardigan-freedom.


  5. Your husband, I like him. I love your sweater collection but love your sexy collection better!


    • Next I may go to work in my waxed leggings….


  6. You go girl!


    • I’m going right to the store for more stripes.


  7. You are my fashion idol!


    • Wow. You are the only one, so it means that much more to me!


  8. Oh no! What’s wrong with green eye shadow??? I love long v-necks. Welcome to the sexy sixty-ish club! You have more than a few years……..


    • I plan to be sexy and seventy too…. but not too soon.


  9. Breaking up is hard to do! Last night I broke up with just about everything that’s in my closet – I haven’t had to wear business clothes for the past three years, and there’s not much left in there that I still want to wear.


    • I’ve occasionally wondered whether a fire that was contained to just my side of the closet would look suspicious to the insurance adjuster.


  10. It feels good, doesn’t it, befriending and liking your body? But you’re wrong. You have the rest of your life to be sexy, too. Sexy is more attitude than svelte body. Of course, the best part was catching the slinky, sexy pullover on sale! I bet you rock the look!


    • This is the happiest I have been with my body in all my sixty-one years. It’s a surprise.


  11. i love the v-neck pullovers. they are shapely and apparently hubba-hubba. i cannot wait for the waxed leggings.


    • I am thinking to pair the waxed leggings with the lowest and slinkiest of the v-necks. I will go right to the edge where sexy turns sleazy, and maybe I’ll cross over.


  12. You give me such great hope! I am 51, and am in the process of losing a lot of weight… and I wonder if it’s too late for me to ever look great. But if you can look (and more importantly, feel) fabulous at over 60, then perhaps even if it still takes me another year to get this weight off, I will have time to buy and wear cute clothes!


  13. I am very impressed with your cardigan collection!!! But life moves on….Enjoy those new slinky sweaters!


  14. Nicole is not the only one. I idolize you, too!


  15. Love your new fashion look! And 62 isn’t even close to the end of sexy. 🙂


  16. Marcie

    Again – and always – I’m laughing. Fun to buy new clothes!


  17. Hubba hubba, eh? If that’s what it takes, GO for it. Ha ha.



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