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One Size Fits All

It’s no secret – (because I have no secrets – I’ve written 256 posts over the last two years; there is no detail of my life not in print)  – that I like big girl underpants. High in the waist and low on the legs – the kind that make me look like I am …

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New York Report

Last week I went into The City (yup, that’s what we call in out here in East BumF**k) with a friend to see a Broadway play. We saw “Motown: The Musical”.   I love Motown. I loved Motown even before I loved The Beatles. The music in this show was spectacular – although sometimes it …

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I Get To Be A Princess

A couple of months ago, I reminisced about being eight years old and wanting to be Miss America. (When Nineteen Was Far Away.) I wanted to wear a gown and a tiara, and I thought that just maybe 2013 might be my year. And I was right! Last week my grand-niece (or is it great-niece? …

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The Popular Table, Part 2

In the summer of 1969 – the summer between high school and college – there occurred an event so enormous it changed my life forever. I know what you are thinking – Apollo 11 – the moon landing! The triumph of science and exploration! Umm.  No. Woodstock! I wasn’t there. In fact, I was so …

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The Popular Table, Part 1

I had excellent friends in high school. They were smart and funny and generous. We went to basketball games, and talked about boys, and complained about parents. We sat at the same lunch table every day and laughed and cried over our tunafish sandwiches. But still, there was this tiny disloyal part of me that …

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I’m Taking It As A Compliment

I’m a late bloomer. Like really late. I was a cute kid, but in a weird-looking half-elf/half-orphan-from-Ellis-Island sort of cute. No one would have wanted to cast me in a commercial, although I was hankering strongly to be in one. “I can do that,” I said to my mother. “I can eat Wonder Bread. I …

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Not Mad As Hell

But definitely peeved as all get out. Does anyone even used the term “all get out” anymore?  If not, then THAT peeves me too. I have had a very peevish week. It started last Saturday. I ran into Target to buy the Easter equivalent of stocking-stuffers for the little ones in my family. I knew …

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Buy Me Flowers

Lest you think that my fashion-plateness (platedom, platability?) is a recent avocation, let me present to you little Nancy  – Easter Sunday, 1958: Not only do I have a stylish pink dress with matching coat, I have a new Easter bonnet, white gloves, patent leather shoes with matching purse, and a corsage. (And Daddy’s face.) …

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Yoga Porn

I may be known – (okay … famous) for spending too much on jeans and purses and haircuts. But I just can’t shell out a lot of money for exercise clothes. It’s not that I don’t want to look hot during hot yoga.  But sweating into expensive duds just goes against my all my fashion …

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Please Don’t Come Back – Part Two

Last Spring I had the honor and infamy to be Freshly Pressed when I posted a picture of myself from 1977.  (Please Don’t Come Back) I had an unshakable sense of style, but unfortunately, 1977 styles were quite shaky. I didn’t think I was overly brave publishing that horrible picture. If a hundred or so people …

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