Nancy Roman

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been terrible with my blogging lately.

I want to say I’ve been busy – and that’s true enough. But moreover, I think I just needed to take a break.

I didn’t want to focus on something else. I wanted to UNfocus.

The end of winter is always my least energetic time. I am tired of being cold. I am tired of being housebound. I am tired of boots.

As Goldie Hawn said in “Private Benjamin” – “I want to wear my sandals.”

But I’ve tried to stay engaged. I’ve done lots and lots of watercolors. Two or three every week. Mostly dogs and cats, which it seems I have a feel for. Here’s one of my recent favorites.


I’ve also continued to tweet Theo’s pup tip of the day. A bit of wisdom from my dog. I’ve been writing one little snippet of advice (with an accompanying photo) for almost a year now. Someone asked me recently how I can think of all those little lessons. I answered that I didn’t have to come up with all of them – only one a day. If you break your projects down into the smallest piece, it really is achievable.

Here’s a recent Theo tip:

But I’ve also been ruminating (and vegging).

I’ve been working up to a decision. Something that I’ve gone back and forth about wanting.

Sometimes you want something very badly one minute, and the next minute you absolutely abhor the idea.

Or you know you really do want it but you also know it will be really hard work.

Or you think about how much joy this action might bring to your life. But on the other hand – your life is pretty good right now, and what if this makes it worse, not better.

Or you want it very badly, but not everyone in your family is quite on board. How much does what you want take precedence over what someone else wants? Do your wants ever come first?

And so back and forth I went. While the weather stayed shitty and my energy level was just as bad.

And now it’s officially Spring. I see the tiny sprouts of daffodils peeking up through the snowy ground. They are ready for Spring, despite the continued cold. And I am more than ready.

And I was finally ready to take a chance.

To go for my crazy idea.

And here’s that crazy idea.


Welcome to my crazy life, Henry.

May you learn to love me and Tom and Theo and Lillian and Thor and Niko and Athena and Moonlight.

May they all learn to love you.

I already do.


  1. Kathy Zurcher

    Henry is adorable! You now have two of the sweetest pup family members. Congratulations!


  2. Nancy it’s ok to have a break from blogging. I like all your cute photos of your little family and your watercolour painting is awesome.


  3. welcome henry and everyone needs a break at times, no worries


  4. so adorable


  5. Julia

    Nancy- Your Theo-sophy is the 1st thing that I allow myself to read on Twitter every day. (Because most of the time I follow political stuff, Theo is the the only way I can survive the platform & maintain a healthy outlook.) I enjoy your poetry, haiku and your paintings, so the fact that you haven’t blogged in awhile is absolutely fine! Your artistic talents have kept us all plenty enamored and entertained.
    You have quite the menagerie! It reminds me of the one I once had (and now have again). A few years ago I had a 20 yr old cat, a 16 yr old cat a 12 yr old husky snd another husky (the last husky I still have). I lost the 2 kitties (the cats passed within 3 wks of each other; the 16 yr old passing from a ‘broken heart’ after losing her 20yr old brother IMO) & my 12yr old ❤️dog husky Sasha all within 3 mos of one another. I was absolutely shattered and didn’t think I could go on. It was worse than losing both of my parents. The only thing that kept me going was my beloved blind husky Koda who was also severely depressed. He was completely lost without his “pack”- I did not ever want another dog (or cat), however because Koda was SO depressed (to the point of not eating & drinking) I started thinking about a new puppy, adoption or rescue. Like you, I went back and forth… I felt guilt toward my beloved Sasha. I finally realized that Sasha taught me about unconditional love and would want me to give love to a husky who needed Koda & me. Finally wound up rescuing 2 huskies. Best decision ever! (Except because of of their high prey drive and they were not raised with cats, it’s not safe to have kitties.) We’re all a very happy pack and I’m absolutely sure Henry will fit right in with Theo and the rest of his new pack ❤️🐾❤️


  6. Deb

    Welcome Henry! You know how to choose the most amazingly adorable dogs. I hope there’s a post coming on all the specifics about Henry.


    • He’s a Catalan Herding Dog, which is a medium-sized sheepdog – the males get to 50-60 lbs. He’ll be 5 months old next week. He’s just slightly smaller than Theo right now, but he will end up bigger than his older brother. He is totally untrained right now, but we are all trying hard. Theo is pretty patient. The cats are all pretty nervous. But they got used to Theo…. they’ll get used to Henry.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Reblogged this on Vijayagiri views.


  8. Henry looks so sweet!


  9. What a beautiful painting, i really liked it


  10. Ursula

    I think I am so lucky for finding you and Theo. I started by Twitter, but it’s your incredible art that I just now follow your blog too. And I already expressed my curiosity about Henry on Twitter but I take the chance to ask you here if you would want to share with us how did you find Henry. And now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t even know that story about Theo. Well maybe too many questions that could be too much to ask. I’ll just leave them here in case you would like to share the answers.


  11. Welcome, Henry. He looks like a sweet pup.


  12. millylaps

    Henry looks adorable


  13. Doris Legere Kennedy

    WOW Nancy Henry is absolutely precious. I love every one of your blogs, I know I try to live by Theo’s daily tips of which I’m sure comes from his upbringing by his amazing mommy. And what can I say about your watercolors….I love them as much as I love Monet’s.


  14. lydiaschoch

    Welcome, Henry. What a sweet dog. I hope you have many happy years with him. 🙂


  15. I am blown away by your artwork. I just saw that you do watercolors to order. Hmmmm… As for Henry (who is adorable), I just added a new cat to my crew so I would only encourage you (except at 3 a.m. when the cat soccer games go on). My decision to adopt wasn’t as difficult as yours. I lost a cat at the holidays. Totally unexpected. I had decided to start downsizing my cats (but we know how that goes) when a friend in rescue had a year old cat that wasn’t doing well at adoption events. This was the easiest addition I’ve ever had. No drama, no hissy fits. She came from a feral colony and was very cat friendly. Give the pups a hug from me.


  16. How could anyone look at that face and not want Henry in their life?
    I think you nailed it for how a lot of us feel while we wait for the weather to get on board with our needs. Personally, I’ve had a hard time keeping up writing and reading. I am way behind. It has been a very uncomfortable winter. There are two things I try that get me motivated or back on track. Neither are as amazing as your watercolour. I usually doing something drastic with my hair. Last time I went purple. I’m not willing to change that right now as I still really like it. The other thing is to do a “cleanse”. It is literally a spring cleaning of my body. I started that this morning.


  17. Deborah Bowers

    Hi, your photos of the dogs are well done, pleasing to my eyes. They make me feel good when I see them.

    I’ve done lots of paintings using acrylics, so my appreciation for watercolors is simply undeveloped for the most part. I can see, however, the hours of work and concentration you put into your paintings. That part I fully appreciate. It’s brave of you to share them. I have lots of paintings that I have not shared. They are just mine, just sitting around the house in stacks, lots of them on paper, not canvas.

    I am a beginner in this blogging world, wanting to be polished and experienced, but not. I was reading about how to become a more noticed blogger and read that I need to get in touch with other bloggers. So, I’m making a few timid attempts this week. Thank you for what you share. I’ve only seen the post from what looks like yesterday for you. It’s nice to make your acquaintance.


  18. Henry is soooo cute and I think he is a great decision.


  19. Donna W.

    Nancy, I want to be you when I grow up … You are multi-faceted; and you sparkle from every angle … I’m a loving fan.


  20. Oh my gosh Henry is so cute!!! ❤


  21. Love your art Nancy.
    And Henry is adorable. What does Theo think of it


  22. Taking a break and allowing yourself to veg is part of then being able to awaken fresh insights and renew your spirit. Good for you! ❤


  23. you are so talented, I love your artwork. Congrats on the new friend, having doggie envy over here! 🙂 MJ


  24. I love the painting of Wyatt, and think that taking a break (from anything) this time of year is a good thing. It is just time for Winter to be over! And welcome to Henry!


  25. Well, I LOVE Wyatt already and I was starting to wonder if you had quit the blogging world. It is getting hard out here. I have 4 dogs and a cat so there is no judgement here! I’d have all the dogs in the world if I could! I have missed you and your sunny disposition though. How can I get Theo’s wisdom without joining Twitter? 🙂


    • Thanks. Just log onto my blog and my latest tweets show up on lower right.


  26. 👌👌😁💗💟


  27. Henry!!!!!! You will have so much fun with the gang! Please try not to make your mom second guess her decision! LOL. LOVE the watercolor. I think Henry will be a perfect model for a painting sometime soon.


  28. What a lovely painting and what a lovely family. Henry looks like he will make lovely addition to your family and I am sooo happy spring is finally here! Yaay!!


  29. What beautiful names your pets have! And Henry looks cute.


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