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Abandon Ship!

In my first novel, JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, the main character, Cynthia, is considering making a momentous change in her life. She’s frightened of course, and she turns to her sister, Angela, for advice. Angela responds with a question: “Why do you think there were so many empty lifeboats on the Titanic?” she asked. …

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Feeling All Of It

This week a friend posted the following quote on her Facebook page: And I thought – Yeah!  That’s Me!  That’s Totally Me! And I started to reflect on all those decisions I made that were difficult, but were best for me. Like dropping out of school years ago (I did go back later), changing jobs, …

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Letting Go

In April, I retired. Six weeks later, I un-retired. Well, not really. Here’s what happened. I worked for the last ten years as the Controller of a large(ish) mail-order and online business. It was a terrific job, especially after fifteen years at an exciting but extremely stressful gigantic media organization. For ten years, I had …

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Decisions, Decisions

Years ago, I became friends with a co-worker whose life was very unlike my Ozzie and Harriet existence. Especially in the boyfriend arena. I had no boyfriend of record. Karen had a boyfriend with a record. And I don’t mean he was churning out hits like Ozzie’s son Ricky. No. He was an ex-con. Jeff …

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The Symbol Of My Discontent

I have an image of Reincarnation that I would so like to be true. I wish that Reincarnation was a chance to make the Other choices in your life. I want to be born again in exactly the same circumstances to exactly the same family. But when I come to those pivotal decisions in my …

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