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Real Life With Puppy

I like to present the positive side of Life. I believe in the positive side of Life. I believe in happiness and kindness and sweetness. My husband calls me a Pollyanna, and I never minded when he calls me that, because seeing Life as sweet and Humanity as decent is a good way to survive. …

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Decisions, Decisions

I’ve been terrible with my blogging lately. I want to say I’ve been busy – and that’s true enough. But moreover, I think I just needed to take a break. I didn’t want to focus on something else. I wanted to UNfocus. The end of winter is always my least energetic time. I am tired …

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Advice From My Best Friend

It’s Theo’s Birthday! He’s three years old. All grown up. I cannot believe how fast the time went. And I can’t imagine my life without him.   Truly, he is my best friend. Theo has taught me so much in the last three years. In comparison, I’ve taught him so little. He pees and poops …

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No story here – just thought I would show you my doggie, Theo, at his most berserk. It was very hot last weekend, so we filled the dog’s little bathtub so he could stay cool while we were working in the yard. First, Theo stepped into the tub and got wet.   Then he scooted …

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The Name Game

Our waitress last week pulled out photos of her two doggies. This has become a common occurrence. If you want to connect, just mention that you have a dog. Anyway, she popped out her phone from somewhere beneath her apron and said, “Here’s Brian Jonathan and this one is Buddy Michael.” OMG! I have committed …

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Copycats – Part 2 (The Silly Side)

Ten days ago, I wrote about the little copycat I was as a kid. And how on one occasion in high school, a pretty and popular girl paid me a small but important compliment by copying my outfit. Because I wanted that story to be a sweet tribute to the memory of my beautiful classmate, I …

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Just What I Always Wanted (Really)

Yes, that is the title of my novel. But it’s also exactly how I feel about this little guy.   What more could I possibly want?   Merry Christmas! With love from Nancy & Theo  

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Status: In A Relationship

On December 1, I wrote about my pressing need for Patience. The cause of my patience deficit was, of course, my puppy. Theo and I had not had a good week. His emerging leash skills had retreated back into the weird cave he seemed to share with Satan. He nipped constantly at the backs of …

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Distracted – In The Best Way!

Why I was too distracted this week to write something new: I’m a new Mom! His name is Theo, and he’s eleven weeks old. Theo is a Lagotto Romagnolo – an ancient Italian breed who is the ancestor to the Standard Poodle. Lagottos are medium sized dogs – about 30 pounds full-grown – who are …

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