Nancy Roman

You Are Already There

The other day, I saw this little weed growing up through the patio stones.



I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption:

This little weed dreams of growing up to be a palm tree.


But the more I thought about it – and the more I looked at the perfect shadow that was cast by this weed – I changed my mind.

This weed is not dreaming of growing up to be a palm tree. This little weed is ALREADY a palm tree. His reflection shows me what he is. He is the palm tree of our patio.

What do you dream of becoming?

Maybe you are already there.

You are already beautiful. Just look at those eyes. That smile. When you put your bright eyes and pure smile together, there is nothing quite as lovely. See your gorgeous hands – so capable of both strength and tenderness. And that beautiful skin. And your shoulders. I love shoulders – especially men’s shoulders. Whether they are like marble or like ebony. They are perfect.

You are already intelligent. Why, you got out of diapers and learned to use a fork. You went to school. You can count. You learned to read. You are reading this right now. You even FOUND this page – amongst the millions of pages on the internet, you got here. When a song comes on the radio, a song from when you were thirteen – all these years later you still remember every single word. You remember all the words from dozens, maybe hundreds of songs. Your brain is amazing.

You are already athletic. You go up and down the stairs. Sometimes you run up and down them several times in a row, as perhaps you forgot for a second (only a second, because of your wondrous brain) what you went up for. You climb a ladder and hang the curtains. Oh yes, you have great muscles – look how many grocery bags you can carry in at one time. Some of you may roll around in a wheelchair or use a cane – that takes a ton of strength too, as you use parts of your body to shore up the lesser parts. Maybe you ride a bicycle. How old were you when you learned to ride? Seven? What a fantastic accomplishment.

You are already lovable. And not just because someone cared enough to give birth to you. But because of who you are. You are honest. Remember the time you gave the dollar back to the cashier because she gave you too much change? You are not a cheat. You get your work done at your job. You even do the tasks you don’t like. Because you should. You are conscientious. You smile at old people and hold the door. You even smile at your great-aunt when she is telling you the story she has already told you eight times. Because you are kind.  You have slammed on your brakes for a squirrel.

Maybe you want to be even better. And maybe you can be.

But know that right now –

right as you are –

you are magnificent.

Like a magnificent palm tree growing up through the patio stones.


  1. Lovely words and very thought-provoking, too. I bet that at least one of your readers NEEDED to hear this today:)

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  2. What a wonderful perspective! Too many think about what hasn’t been done when we really should focus on the accomplishments, the hear and now. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

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    • Thank you, and sometimes the simplest accomplishments are enough.


  3. It is all in the perspective. Well written.

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  4. This actually lifted my spirit. Thank you 🙂

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  5. Chris Gaffney

    Great column Nancy, such an important message to share!

    -Chris Gaffney


    Connect with me:

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  6. I love your photo and am not surprised it triggered such a joyful post.


  7. Quite an uplifting post. Thank you!



    I love that photo 🙂

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  9. I love this photo

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  10. nice one

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  11. Thank you! A perfect reminder for a Monday morning!


    • You’re welcome. I hope it made Monday a little better.


  12. This is a nice post. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    If you have time, let me know what you think of mine –


  13. khalifasreality

    Thanks,made me notice little things that really matter

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  14. Came right when I needed it. Beautifully written! ☺️


    • Thank you so much. If it made your journey just slightly easier, I’m happy for that.


  15. Gratitude and appreciation for here and now

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  16. picture and content both are amazing and true also….


  17. Very beautiful words.

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  18. Thank you for making me feel better. Are you letting that little plant grow to be a big plant?


    • Unfortunately my husband got to the little guy before I could save him, but hopefully, he will spring up again elsewhere in our yard. It certainly seems that weeds are at the top of the list for reincarnation.


  19. A reminder that I can do this half of marathon


    • That’s a great way of looking at it!


  20. I feel a bit more inspired to give myself a break – thank you! x


    • Always be inspired to give yourself a break…. who deserves it more?


  21. So rightly put. Love the feeling I got when I finished reading it. Thank you!


    • I’m glad if it made you feel even a little better today. Thanks.


  22. James Traylor

    . Love the feeling I got when I finished reading it. t.y Url


  23. I dream of becoming a more hands-on grandmother. My daughter, her husband and their three children live thousands of miles away. It has always been thus, not because they moved away (though they did) but because my husband and I moved to China from London eight years ago. They moved from Cambridge UK to San Francisco for 3 years taking grandchild #1 with them, and then #2 was born there. They then moved to Bangladesh in India for 3 years, and last year moved from there to Berlin where #3 was born 3 months ago. I played catch-up, traveling from China to the USA and India as and when I could. Health issues have prevented me from going to Berlin as yet. Thanks to modern technology we speak nearly every day and photos fly through the internet in nano-seconds….but what I dream of is cuddles, smelling my new granddaughter’s baby smell. Just being near enough to babysit, or play a board game with the boys, read books to them, have a coffee and a hug…those are what I dream of.

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    • Dear Nomads-by-Nature,
      Having looked you up I realise that you understand what it is to live a far-flung life!

      As a South African from Cape Town I know Kirstenbosch very well; and I love the snapshot of your sculpture. It looks as though it is carved in ‘soap stone’ and it may come from Zimbabwe, specifically the area to the north of the country near the Shire River where it joins the Zambesi. There is an amazing tradition of stone carving in that particular area, I have several pieces in Scotland (where we spend about 3 months each year- not all at the same time.)
      If you have a blog I would love to read it. My blog about life in China is called: ‘Jasmine Tea & Jiaozi’ and the web link is : www.


  24. hi how are you


  25. Cool picture of determined, self confident plant!
    Enjoyed all the reasons you state for proof of already being intelligent.
    Enjoyed the read


  26. Love! Thank you! BTW, I taught my husband last year to ride a bike.

    He was 42.

    Hmmm….. age 7 is expected, but 42! He learned quickly. He asked me, after being together almost 18 years: “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

    Thanks for the great reminders.


    • What a perfect example! My husband took horseback riding at 71 – and bought his own horse at 73!


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