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As I re-read my last post (Overdone?), one sentence I wrote keeps haunting me: “I don’t like not being liked.” Well OMG – the lightning bolts are descending from heaven, jolting my everpresent coffee right out of my hands. This sentence pretty much explains my whole life to date. (and that is getting to be …

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You Are Already There

The other day, I saw this little weed growing up through the patio stones.   I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: This little weed dreams of growing up to be a palm tree.   But the more I thought about it – and the more I looked at the perfect shadow that …

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Second Opinion

In the last few years I have seen several instances where seeking a second opinion has saved someone’s life – or at least saved someone from unnecessary treatment or surgery. An incorrect diagnosis nearly doomed someone I love. I am grateful every day that he sought that second opinion. No one person has all the …

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