Nancy Roman

Settle Down!

I would give you advice for the New Year, except that I can’t give it as well as this little girl who effectively tells her divorced parents – and the world – to just settle down.

You don’t have to be too high or too low…

Just be at the level of your heart.



  1. So cute! I could listen to her talk all day (and I think she probably could….!) Little skinned-up knee and all….


    • I just adore her… “i’m not trying to be mean. But we can’t be monsters who eat each other…”


  2. Wise and simple words from someone so young. If this little girl can figure everything out why can’t the rest of us do it too.


    • I think we should all watch this every day.


  3. What a well raised young lady. We should be nicer, not monsters, not eating each other.


    • Isn’t that true! We should be not too high or too low, and should not eat each other.


  4. What a wise little girl. Thanks for the post.

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  5. Wonderful. No eating each other.


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  7. That breaks my heart. What kind of chaos has been in her life that she feels like she has to be the grown up and tell them to quit being mean.


    • Her parents are lucky, though, that they have his little grown up in the family, to remind them that they should take it down a few notches (and not eat each other).


  8. I love this piece. I have listened to it many times and she still makes more sense than most adults I know.

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  9. So well said

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  1. Settle Down! – Hiaco

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