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Settle Down!

I would give you advice for the New Year, except that I can’t give it as well as this little girl who effectively tells her divorced parents – and the world – to just settle down. You don’t have to be too high or too low… Just be at the level of your heart.  

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This weekend I attended the birthday party of my youngest grandnephew. He is two. I won’t post a photo, because he’s not my kid, but let me assure you that he is right up there with the most adorable kids in the universe. And he is SO smart. He knows all his colors (The balloon …

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Yes, I CAN Judge Your Children

I have no kids. Looking back on it, I see that my childlessness resulted from a combination of circumstances and nature – but also some unfortunate decisions on my part. Or rather, the lack of decision. Sometime inaction turns into a decision in itself. Last year I published an essay that I had written fourteen …

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