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Excitement At The Car Show

(Here’s an oldie while I continue to work on a post that is refusing to come together….)



You know what’s almost as much fun as doing what you love to do?

Doing what your spouse loves to do.

Just kidding.

Doing what my husband likes to do is usually awful.

But once in a while I feel like I should.

It’s not like it was part of my marriage vows or anything. I didn’t stand at the altar and promise to crawl through used-car lots just ‘to see’, or spend five hours in Cabela’s, or watch ice trucking shows.

But on the other hand, there was a vow that someone snuck in there that said ‘For Better or Worse.’

My husband’s idea of fun things to do is definitely part of ‘Worse.’

A few weeks ago we made our annual pilgrimage to the New York International Auto Show.

The Javitz Center has 675,000 square feet. That’s a shitload of cars.

Some are concept cars; some are vintage.  There are rare cars.  There are minivans. There are gull wings and limos and pickup trucks. Every single one is unique to my husband. every single one is identical to me.

Of course there are some fascinating things to do.

Like sit in one.

People wait in line to sit in a car. My husband is one.  And he encourages me to do so.

“Try it,” he says after he gets out of an SUV that looks exactly like ours (and like every other SUV I have ever seen).

So I get in.

And guess what?

It feels …


like I am sitting in A CAR!

One of the best parts of the NY Car show is the food!

Just kidding.

Once you enter the show, there is Absolutely No Re-entry.  (That’s in BIG LETTERS at every door, and they have about 25,000 doors.)

So you eat in the Food Court. The Food Court is not a court with a judge and jury, but it does have criminals.  Like the people who write the signs that say “Fresh” and “Tasty” – or the people who price the water at $4.00.

But I find ways to amuse myself.

Mostly by listening (okay, half-listening) to my husband amuse himself.

Because what he likes best at the car shows is the opportunity to torment the sales reps.

(If I insult your favorite car here, please forgive me.  I am just the (food) court reporter.)

To the Lincoln rep he said: “Over the last ten years you guys have eliminated every distinctive feature. Now it looks mostly like a Mopar shitbox.”

To the Toyota rep: “How are you doing with all those lawsuits?”

To the Ford truck rep, whose ‘concept’ truck has a ladder rack that pops up from the tailgate: “This was obviously designed by an idiot who never used a truck, since you can’t get anything out of the bed without taking the ladder off.” (He had a point on this one.)

To the Chevy rep (who was pretty): “You seem to know a little more about this vehicle than most of the morons who work for Chevy.”

To the Jeep rep, who offered my husband a chance to win $45,000 towards the purchase of a Jeep:  “”Hmmm, $45,000 isn’t quite enough to make me want to drive a Jeep.”

Hubby was nice to the BMW guy. (Hubby loves Beemers.) They had a nice long conversation about the wonder of the Beemers, and I didn’t mind because Beemer-guy was very very extra cute.

But the best thing about the New York International Auto Show:

The MPG.

Oh yeah, I get MILEAGE!

He will owe me for MONTHS.

At the Car Show. Thank heaven for iphones.

At the Car Show. Thank heaven for iphones.


  1. It’s going to be a long payback for hubby.


  2. Reblogged this on ugiridharaprasad.


  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for this, it made my day. I’ll reread it the next time I watch football with my husband…


  4. LOL. I personally like car shows…go maybe every 5 years…but going with your husband would give me a whole other perspective! 🙂


  5. You are a SAINT. Not a wife, but a SAINT. I live in NY, and know just how awfully big the Javits Center is. (Not only have I been inside it, I’ve tried to work my way around it to get somewhere else!) You get the biggest marital prize there is (whatever that is). xoxoxo


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