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Excitement At The Car Show

(Here’s an oldie while I continue to work on a post that is refusing to come together….) *** MY DAY OFF You know what’s almost as much fun as doing what you love to do? Doing what your spouse loves to do. Just kidding. Doing what my husband likes to do is usually awful. But …

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The Cure

I wrote recently that I suffered from what I call Autoagnosia. I can’t tell one car from another. This drives my husband crazy, as he feels that cars are the ultimate gift from heaven. And I am just completely ungrateful – an insult really to the auto gods. So I’ve been trying really hard to …

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I’ve said before that I can’t park. Parallel is ridiculous. Good thing I didn’t have to demonstrate to get my license. But the only place where I must parallel park is my Yoga class.  But I’ve worked it out. I wait by the fire hydrant for the previous class to get out. I wait for …

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