Nancy Roman


Do you ever have one of those moments?

When suddenly you realize something important?

Today I had a revelation.

And it is not only something important. It is MAJOR IMPORTANT.

I’ve been having a rotten month. Worrying about my work, my coming retirement, my house, my finances, my family. I’m not a worrier by nature. I’m usually quite lighthearted. But when I do get in a worry mode – it tends to be FULL-OUT WOE.

And this month I have felt like I am walking around in the dark. I can’t see where I am going. But I can’t stop. I just keep walking anyway – into potholes and dead ends and fences. I’m distraught.

And today I saw a video.

And there it was.

My problem completely exposed.

I’m carrying a big box of shit that I think I might someday want – and it’s blocking my vision.

All I need to do








  1. AMEN said the choir! 🙂 I had a similar week and a major breakthrough – whoo! MJ


    • It’s amazing how we continue to carry the box around when it is just blocking our way.

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  2. That was hilarious. Completely mean, but hilarious. Of course I would have done exactly the same thing…


  3. Oh! This is hilarious! I’m glad I read this while Anthony’s reading D his bedtime stories; D will laugh at this before bed.


  4. Molly mcvay

    OMG. SO GOOD ON SO MANY LEVELS. 10 years ago I had a boyfriend with that name. Me,so blind. That box, that blinder, was me. Nancy I so enjoy reading all of what you have to say. Many thanks


    • No kidding. It is astounding what we don’t see.


  5. That’s what I like to hear!


    • If we can’t drop the box permanently, at least we could set it down once in while!


  6. So funny! And I love the video.


  7. So true but sometimes so hard to do…even Diesel can’t put the box down!


  8. I think you just diagnosed me, too. I seem to keep running into walls, myself!


  9. I noticed that by the end of the video, Lilo still had not put down the box. It may have to be surgically removed, I fear.


    • I think the owner got him to drop it for a second. But he scooped it right back up. That’s one important box!

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      • It was quite impressive to see. Perhaps it has sentimental value. (Lilo’s mother was a boxer, after all.)


  10. The problem is that sometimes we don’t know we have that damn box in our face! Poor pup! Hope your month turns better!


  11. Funny how we don’t see what’s blocking our view. I think I have several boxes I need to put down. 🙂


    • At least drop one…. two if you can bear it…


  12. And how stubbornly we can ignore the voices of those who love us and would like to help….


    • No kidding! I think carrying that box makes us deaf too.


  13. Great visual and post! I tend to do this often and I need to remember this. Thanks! DAF


    • I saw myself so clearly in that ridiculous dog!

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      • we all are like that dog at some point in our lives… I was just so afraid he was going to get hit by a car…


  14. Dana

    But it smells so good!


  15. Great advice! Although if you were carrying around your box of shit the way that poor dog was carrying his box, I think gravity making the contents fall on your face would have prompted you to put it down right, damn fast.


    • Oh the shit is always in my face, and I STILL have trouble putting it down.


  16. The box is the perfect metaphor. It blocks our way. Its useless. And yet we can’t quite put it down. Love that.


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