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The Horribles

I haven’t written lately. I don’t even know what to say during these horrible days. But I’ll take a few minutes to ramble. Maybe it will help. Is it possible to be bored and terrified at the same time? The hardest thing this past month has been not seeing my mother. She’s 96 and I …

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A few days ago I was feeling sad. There was no particular source of my sadness – no single or series of events to make me unhappy or bring the tears to my eyes. Just that general overall feeling of Sadness. I probably could not explain it if I had to, and I probably don’t …

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Bird Droppings

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a pretty long walk to school. And I added to my long walk by meeting up with some friends who did not live near me. I had to walk several blocks in the opposite direction of the school in order to join them. I could …

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The Annoying Side of Good Things

A few days ago, while I was driving, I had an overwhelming urge for the piece of chocolate that I knew was in my purse. My mother had given me two Dove chocolates the day before, and I had eaten one immediately. But the second one was in my purse. And it was calling to …

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Do you ever have one of those moments? When suddenly you realize something important? Today I had a revelation. And it is not only something important. It is MAJOR IMPORTANT. I’ve been having a rotten month. Worrying about my work, my coming retirement, my house, my finances, my family. I’m not a worrier by nature. …

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