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New Rules For 64

I recently read an article about the positive aspects of being over 50. Actually, I read one of those about every week. It’s a pretty common topic on the internet, now that the internet population is aging – rapidly, I might add. (except for me, of course.)

Anyhow, I felt the need to make a comment. Mostly that’s because I always feel the need to make a comment. That’s why I write a blog twice a week. And I will admit it goes back a little further than that. I was putting in my two cents as soon as I could say more than Peek-A-Boo.

I’m actually enough of a commenter to have earned the designation,  “Top Commenter,” on the Huffington Post. Which I suppose is an honor, since I’m not really tops at anything other than my willingness to express my opinion no matter how flimsy.

On this topic – the positive aspects of being over 50 (which I know was a while ago back in the first paragraph), I actually feel like I know what the hell I am talking about. (Not that it would have stopped me if I didn’t know what the hell I am talking about.) But since I have been over 50 for fourteen years now, I know a few advantages.

And here’s what I wrote:


Cool right?

I get a thumbnail of the cover of my book (because that’s my Facebook image) and my name and a STAR and the designation “Top Commenter.”  The only thing that would improve this experience is if it said “Author” rather than “Controller at White Flower Farm.” On second thought, it could say “Author AND Controller at White Flower Farm.”

And perhaps they could delete the option to “Unfollow.”

But as much I like seeing my name in print, I actually think the comment is pretty good.

Once you get to a certain age, you do have confidence in what you know, and no shame in what you don’t know.

And now that I am 64, I also see a few things that will help me feel even more free.

I’ve given myself a few new rules for the next year. I’ve named these rules “The Freedom of Sixty-Four”:

1.   For the last several years, I have changed my diet for the better. I eat real food in moderate quantities. And I feel much better than I have in a long time. But in the interest of The Freedom of Sixty-Four, I’d like to qualify that a little. I will still eat healthy food, but I think I’ve earned the right to only eat the healthy food I like.  So long, Kale. Bye-bye, Bananas.

 2.   I’ve always been careful about getting too much sun. But I still like to get a little tan. I think I look better (and thinner) with a little color. But this is the year I will not tan at all.  At 64, I will save my skin and stay pale. Older women look pretty when they are pale. (I hope.)  This does not mean I won’t sit in my lounge chair on my patio with a book – which is absolutely my favorite summer activity. But I will wear more sunscreen and put up the umbrella. And if I find that I am not as enamored of pale as I thought I would be, well, there’s always self-tanner.

 3.   No more driving in bad weather. Now you might be saying, “But Nancy, you already don’t drive in bad weather.” Well, yes, but …  but now I will be staying home because I am living up to my Principles. Not because I’m a wimp. See the difference?

4.   I’m going to take my own advice when it comes to shopping. I tell everyone to buy only what you love, not what is only ‘good enough’.  But I don’t always put this into practice myself. As of now, before I buy anything, I am going to ask myself how much I really love it. If I only buy something I absolutely love, then I will always be wearing something I love, even if it’s pajamas. Imagine how good that will feel.

 5.   It’s time to slow down. For sixty-four years, I’ve mostly been in a rush. (except for getting married, I guess – that took me forty years.) I talk fast, I eat fast, I clean fast. And that’s been good in a lot of ways. I accomplish a lot for a lazy person. But now I find that I am looking down at my orange peels and I can’t even remember eating an orange. It was probably delicious and I missed it.

6.    And most especially, I will write slower. Not like blogging slower. Like writing with a pen slower. For years now, I’ve been finding notes I’ve jotted with great ideas for stories – ONLY I CAN’T READ THEM. Fifteen years ago, I read a book called, “Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life.” It’s time to find that book – wherever the hell it is – and read it again.



  1. You could have been a doctor with that handwriting! 😉 ~Elle


  2. I know what you mean. In all that excitement to get your ideas down, what the hell happened to penmanship? I have tons of notebooks I cannot read. 😀 😀 Number 6 haunts me as I have too many notebooks I cannot decipher. 😮


    • I know my whole issue is that I just can’t slow down. I don’t know why the extra few seconds are too much for me to bear.

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  3. I believe I’ll adopt that “only buy it if you love it” rule. Although I don’t usually fall in love with clothes, so I may end up at work in my jammies.


    • I wore a just yesterday that I bought because it was “pretty good” – I am already sorry I didn’t hold out for “love.” So I went home and added the rule.

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      • Most of my clothes are “pretty good” or worse, because I’m fatter than I can feel good about. I’m really looking forward to being a smaller size… when clothes can be fun again.


  4. Nest Nearly Empty

    Reblogged this on Nest Nearly Empty and commented:
    One of my favourite bloggers talking the sense, wisdom and humour she always delivers when she blogs.


    • THANKS! For the kind words and for the Re-blog!


  5. I love this so much I can’t even pick a favorite part of it 🙂

    We know what we know and what was the other question? 😉 MJ


  6. Christine

    I especially like the “don’t drive in bad weather” part. My job for almost 40 years required that I be in the office if the stock market was open, and the market doesn’t take snow days. After driving to and from work even in near-blizzards (not to mention clearing the driveway several times during long storms so I could get in and out), as soon as I retired I sold my studded snow tires and we only clear the driveway when the storm is really over!


    • I’ve only driven once this whole week. And today I could have, but I didn’t. Too cold out. I don’t want to get out of work and have to get into a cold car. So Hubby is my limo service.


  7. Thank God! I thought I was the only one in the whole world who didn’t like kale and bananas! Kale? Seriously? I’d rather eat grass that the dog peed on.


    • OMG – HIlarious!!!!! What a great alternative to kale! We grew kale last year in the garden and even the deer wouldn’t eat it!!!!

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    • My dog is far too discriminating to pee on kale.

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  8. Ray G

    Besides my loving kale (can’t have it because I’d be the only one who would be eating it), I used to know an expert on hieroglyphics who could help with that penmanship…..if only I didn’t lose the little gray cells with that info.


    • I once made baked kale chips because the recipe told me that they are as good as potato chips. Maybe if you left the potato chips in a full ashtray overnight.


  9. So many good ideas. It makes up for a whole year of singing “When I’m 64”


  10. Great post, as usual…but the part that’s reverberating through my mind is the reference to White Flower Farm. As in, most beautiful gardening catalog ever. That catalog is soul-nourishing for someone (like me) who lives in an apartment and whose only “garden” is a couple of house plants. I used to work in the office of a landscape architect who kept a collection of issues going back years!


    • Thanks Seabluelee – Yes, it is THAT White Flower Farm – and it’s a very inspiring place to work. And for apartment dwellers like you – we are actively working on windowsill, patio, and balcony gardens, so that everyone can feel the joy of flowers.


  11. Lutheranliar

    Wow! We have a lot in common! Looking forward very much to following you. Speaking of kale, you might enjoy my riff on same from this summer:


    • Ha! You like kale a lot more than i do! And it’s SHARP! I do NOT want a vegetable that can cut me! Yea for corn!

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  12. Came over here from Twitter, luckily I didn’t have to drive in bad weather to get here. 🙂 What a lovely blog you have. I like your thinking, your eating, your shopping and your writing. I am 51 and now inspired to age gracefully thanks to you. 🙂


    • Thanks! So glad you like my blog. It scares me a bit, however, to think that I am an inspiration to you… you might want to set your sights a bit higher!!!! 😉

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  13. I’ve been yapping since I was a kid too! Always with an opinion. My mother loved to quote my kindergarten teacher, “Susie always has a lot to say.”
    The biggest change for me after turning 50 was not caring what others think and choosing friends who support me even if it made my world smaller. I also stay away from the one’s who only bad mouth others or spread negativity.
    I’ve faced down cancer since then which solidified my choices. Nice to meet you! Suzie sent me!


    • Someone else told me the same thing… that once you’ve faced cancer, you really know how to set your priorities. That’s a good thing, but a lousy way to get there. And I still care way too much what other people think – but I’m working on it. I’m so glad Suzie sent you my way.


  14. I love the list. Mostly I love your wicked good sense of humor sprinkled about. Don’t change that!


    • Thanks Monica… I find the older I get the more I find that just about everything is pretty funny. So I guess I am destined to just get sillier and sillier.


  15. Nancy – love your tag line 🙂


  16. These seem to be pretty good rules to me. Definitely ones I should take a crack at. Especially that hand writing one. I could wallpaper my office with the notes I have written that I can’t read.


  17. Nancy, I’m loving your blog. I’ve just read “This is what 64 looks like” on Huffington Post, and I think you might be interested in my version (for 75) — just follow the second link on the following page for three very different pictures of myself on the same day. I found it took courage to publish these three pix, and that article is not popular!


    • I didn’t see a second link, but I think I found the article you refer to on your blog. Very interesting how the same face on the same day can look so different. The nice thing about digital pics is that you can take 200 and choose the best one – and then tell yourself that’s what you REALLY look like.

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