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In The Face Of Unkindness

Every day on Twitter, my dog Theo posts a tidbit of advice for a happier life. I will admit that I help him because he doesn’t type or spell well. But Theo also helps me because he definitely provides me with a happier life every day. Someone asked me recently how I (or Theo) come …

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Being Read

Last week I learned that there is a very fine line between resonating with folks and touching a nerve. My essay about judging your kids caused quite an uproar. Interesting to me was the difference in reaction depending on the source of the reader. The people who read my blog on The Huffington Post were …

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New Rules For 64

I recently read an article about the positive aspects of being over 50. Actually, I read one of those about every week. It’s a pretty common topic on the internet, now that the internet population is aging – rapidly, I might add. (except for me, of course.) Anyhow, I felt the need to make a …

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