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New Rules For 64

I recently read an article about the positive aspects of being over 50. Actually, I read one of those about every week. It’s a pretty common topic on the internet, now that the internet population is aging – rapidly, I might add. (except for me, of course.) Anyhow, I felt the need to make a …

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The Huffington Post!!!

Happy News! My first Blog on the Huffington Post!!!! And on the very bottom of the page!  The BEST location!  (right?) Dear Hairdresser P.S.  Give me a “Like” on the post.  (If you do, that is….).  Huffpost counts all those little thumbs-up.

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Driving home from the small town that is bigger than the small town we live in – which is sort of like going to the Big City for lunch – we passed a housefront. A housefront is like a storefront for someone running a business out of a house. There are lots of those where …

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