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The Ugly Duckling Advantage

In honor of Lesley Gore, here’s my post from 2012 where she was part of the topic. Despite my disdain for her photo attire, I liked her a lot back in 1964 – especially “You Don’t Own Me.” What a great song – and very strong for that pre-feminist time.


A few days ago my husband and I went out to dinner.  We went to a very nice restaurant that we don’t frequent very often. But we were really good about ordering the healthiest options on the menu. We’re both making extra efforts to be healthier. Our program is called “Fear of Death.”

About halfway through our tasty, but healthy, entrees, another couple came through the door. The guy looked like a bit like my husband. Older guy, nice looking in a manly way (meaning not too much hair left, but still cute).

His wife was striking too…but not in a good way.

She had platinum blond hair, worn long in a 1962 teased flip.  If you are my age, you might recognize this as Lesley Gore Hair.

Lesley Gore. Very Flippy.
(and who told her that her checked shirt would be perfect for an album cover?)

To go with…

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  1. This one I remember. I had to go look for what I wrote as a comment back in 2012. The good news is that the sister I refer to no longer dresses like a stripper and doesn’t bleach her hair anymore. Yay! Of course her boobs are still up there.


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