Nancy Roman

I’m Exhausted

My exercise schedule is wearing me out.

Not the exercise.

The schedule.

I readily admit that I am not the busiest person in the world. Every single person with a kid or a grandkid is busier than I am.

But still.

How in the world am I supposed to obtain a gorgeous body that my husband will desire and also find time to actually see my husband and give him a chance to desire me?

Never mind keep track of it all.

When I added Zumba to my Yoga practice, I found the perfect (for me) combination. Strength, flexibility and serenity punctuated with sexy calorie-burning abandon.

So for the last year I have gone to Yoga on Monday night, and Zumba on Thursday night and Saturday morning.  Busy, but manageable. Complaints from my husband are almost manageable.

Perfect (enough).

Then two weeks ago, my gym decided to cancel the Saturday morning Zumba class. Because they had a great new offering: Boot Camp.

Zumba makes me smile. I am sure that Boot Camp would make me cry.

So I have to change my schedule. My schedule that has worked for me (and almost worked for my husband) for the last year.

The only other Zumba class during non-work hours is Wednesday night. Zumba two nights in a row.

But okay.

I tried it this week. It worked great, if you don’t count the humongous leg cramp I had at 10PM and then again at 2AM. But I am sure my calves will eventually adjust.

Only Wednesday night is the night I have dinner with my mother. But I can switch Mom to Monday.

Only Monday is Yoga night.  But I can switch Yoga to the Saturday morning that is now free because I will not go to Boot Camp.

I attend Yoga at a regular Yoga studio and not the gym. My gym offers Yoga – they even have one of the same teachers from the Yoga studio. But Yoga at the gym is weird. My gym shares a building with the local bowling alley. Their group fitness classes are held on the second floor. Above the bowling alley. When we are Zumba-ing, we are really loud and can’t hear anything else. But Yoga is really quiet and you hear a lot of bowling going on. I end up giggling during Shavasana,

So I pay extra for the correct ambiance.

And my Yoga studio offers a multitude of classes. Four on Saturday mornings.

The only thing is – those Saturday morning classes are either beginner or advanced. My current Monday night class is Intermediate.

It took me eleven years to get out of the beginner’s class. I’m not embarrassed too much about that – Yoga is not a competition. And besides, it just shows how patient I am – which is a fine Yoga quality. But to go back to beginner’s classes after eleven years does hurt a little.

So I am now going to the advanced class. It is Hot Yoga. The studio is heated to about 95 degrees and the Vinyasa (flow) is very challenging. It was a miracle this week that I didn’t puke. But I’m considering that to be a good omen.

But it does induce a slightly non-Yoga attribute:  Aggravation. There is not enough parking on Saturday mornings.

There are only two Intermediate classes – on Monday and Wednesday nights. But now I am Zumba-ing on Wednesday. And I’ve moved my mother to Monday.  I could move Mom to Tuesday, and go back to Monday Yoga, but then I am not home on

Monday – Yoga

Tuesday –  Mom

Wednesday – Zumba

Thursday – Zumba

My husband would not be happy.

So I will stick with Saturday morning Yoga and Monday evening Mama.

And of course I will settle into the new schedule eventually.

But not this week.

Because the gym cancelled the Wednesday night Zumba class.

They need the room for the bowling banquet.



  1. Great kicker!


  2. Strike! That’s pretty complicated stuff to keep track of after a day of work.


    • And just imagine my 89-year-old mother keeping track. And worse – a husband who can’t remember where he put his shoes!


  3. I followed that for about the first few paragraphs and fell down exhausted! You are sooooo funny. And it’s all because truth is funnier than fiction. I not only have a problem setting up the right schedule but unlike you, I don’t follow it. Zumba? Out of the question. Now bowling I might fit in. 🙂


    • It does sound like they are having fun downstairs. And with beer.


  4. I try to be good at yoga and go consistently. But it’s kind of a pain. I mean, you have to get ready, drive all the way to the studio, make sure you’re there early so you don’t have to be in front, DO the yoga, drive all the way home, take a shower, and then take a nap because you’re tired. It’s so much easier to just watch Smallville and eat pizza.


    • And finding a parking space! It’s ridiculous – I have to park 3 block away -and walk up three flights of stairs to the studio. I am exhausted before I start.


  5. How dare they ruin your schedule like that! At least you’re getting mental gymnastics figuring it all out.


    • And I certainly don’t have enough workout clothes, so now I have to shop too. Bummer.


  6. You are a dedicated soul! I need to be more like you–I would have bagged out on all of it at the first sign of discord 😉


    • I want my Saturday morning Zumba class! I hope everyone gets drummed out of boot camp!


  7. Chris

    And you know me – I’d be downstairs bowling.


    • Bowling: Fun with Beer. It sounds perfect, but I hate the outfits.


  8. I love the drawing! I am going to have to look for a yoga class. My muscles are so tight I could snap like a twig at any moment.


    • To be serious for a minute (which I hardly ever am) – I have scoliosis and suffered from very severe back pain all my life. It went away when I discovered Yoga.


      • My liver condition does weird things to me, and one of those things is a tightening of my muscles. I am now looking for a yoga class where I can be stiff as a board without anyone making fun of me.


        • No one makes fun of you in Yoga. That is a big part of Yoga. (Although I may have snickered once or twice at women in Lululemon pants.)


  9. Maybe you could combine yoga with bowling or zumba with dinner out with mom?


    • I could take Mom to the bowling alley for burgers and beer and zumba.


  10. Schedules. That what our lives are comprised of nowadays. How I hate when everything is working, and someone throws in a change. Ugh.

    You’re hilarious as ever, Nancy. The picture says it all. He hee.


    • Here’s my question this Mother’s Day. I can’t fit everything in or keep track of it. How do women with children get anything done?


      • dragonhavn (@dragonhavn)

        Howling with laughter! Actually, women with children are one of two things: psychotic schedulers or flying by the seat of the pants. I don’t schedule worth anything, so I flew. Since we couldn’t afford lessons outside of school unless they were free, not so complicated as the people i knew who had kids in soccer, piano, drill team and theater. And that was just one kid. We get things done because things overlap and because husbands can be press ganged into functioning . Then there were the faculty members I worked with who were schedulers, OK, they had to be, after all ,classes and clinical schedules must be maintained along with kids schedules. Most of them heaved a sigh of relief when the child(ren) achieved driver’s licenses and agreed to work together.


  11. I got exhausted just keeping up with the post never mind the schedule! The exercise would be out of the question. 😉


    • Keeping track is definitely more tiring that the exercise.


  12. The answer is you need to retire so you can properly exercise to keep your husband’s eyes poppin’ and have time for all the other important things in life! Kudos to you for doing hot yoga! I tried Zumba but the loud latin music made me crazy after an hour. I need a Zumba with the oldies.


    • I figure I’ve got about 18 months till I can retire. I’m so ready.


  13. Hilarious! Hot Yoga? I guess if you want to me a Hot Momma!


    • Yoga actually feels better in the warmth – sort of.


  14. Good for you for doing allt this…such a dilemma though! I prefer to do all this stuff at home though and in the mornings to get it over with….maybe you can switch one night of one of these to a home workout and maybe it won’t drive you that crazy and your hubby can see you a little more?


    • I don’t think I have enough self-discipline to do any exercise at home. My laptop calls me.


  15. I am tired just trying to keep up with you! I bow before you and your schedule. Here I thought I was awesome just adding swiming to my schedule. You are a goddess.


  16. I mumbled (barely audible), “hot yoga” while reading this post and hubby said, “hmm? what? hot yoga??? that sounds interesting.” yeah. I bet it does….just not the hot he’s looking for. ;o) p.s. – since you are already exhausted might as well try boot camp?


  17. I burned 1500 calories reading your post! And I think my eyes are now permanently crossed. Now I am seeing two Wonderbutts.


  18. So your saying that sweaty puking is just a part of yoga? I knew there was a reason I don’t like exercise.


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