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Not So Scary

I went to Zumba this week – how I love to dance away a few calories – although I probably need to Zumba about fifteen hours a day for the next month to make an impact on Christmas cookies. The class is conducted as a separate entity inside a very nice and busy workout gym. …

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I’m Exhausted

My exercise schedule is wearing me out. Not the exercise. The schedule. I readily admit that I am not the busiest person in the world. Every single person with a kid or a grandkid is busier than I am. But still. How in the world am I supposed to obtain a gorgeous body that my …

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Corporal Mysteries

This is not a “Whatever happened to Max Klinger?” type of Corporal Mystery. No, this is Corporal in the sense of “What the heck is going on with my body?” As I come within a week of turning sixty-two, it has occurred to me that in many ways my body is still an enigma to …

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I’m Younger Than That Now

When I first decided to get healthy – exercising more and eating right – my husband was a bit perturbed. He wasn’t too happy about how much time I spent at the gym, and he was even less enthused about the amount of snacks in the pantry. “You trying to be forty is going to make me …

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Where The Heck Do I Put It?

Now that I am on this fitness kick –  (Bear with me; it’s a stage. Think of it as the Terrible Two’s of the Sexagenarian Set.) –  I’ve added Walking to my Zumba/Yoga routine. Walking is a great activity for several reasons.  It’s easy. The weather’s getting nice. I can wear my new skinny jeans. …

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Zumba Babe

So we’re watching TV a few nights ago, and a commercial comes on for Zumba DVDs. There’s a really hot babe – she’s sweating like someone poured a Flashdance bucket on her. She’s what they used to call ‘scantily clad’. And she’s thrusting her lady parts like her joints are lubricated with… um… lubricant. By …

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Starting Off On The Right Foot

I am happy to report significant progress in my third Zumba class. For those who (perhaps wisely) pay no attention to pop culture, Zumba is the latest fitness craze.  It is like the aerobics classes that were hot in the eighties, except with more hip action and much cooler music. My first class didn’t really …

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Not Quite Old – Yoga

My favorite part of Eat, Pray, Love –no wait—my favorite part was scarfing down all of Italy.  Let me rephrase—the only part of “Pray” that I liked was one little paragraph where Elizabeth Gilbert describes her meditation.  She’s really beginning to enjoy the mindful solitude of meditation.  So much so that deep in the serenity …

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