Nancy Roman

A Quickie

So we were scrolling through the channel guide a few nights ago, looking in vain for something to watch in the 7,684 channel choices.

Around channel 309, my husband says, “Wait, go back.”

And of course I knew what he meant.

Sex and The City 2.

“You know,”  I said, “Just because the word ‘sex’ is in the title doesn’t mean it’s a good movie.”

“Yeah, but it means it might be.”


Which reminded me of the old joke:

Sex is like pizza.

When it’s good it’s really good.

And when it’s bad…

it’s still pretty good.


  1. She souonds like an intern I had once. He said that good sex was the best thing in the world and bad sex was the second best thing in the world!


  2. Sex, sex, sex! At this very moment, all I can think of is pizza. LOL


  3. Perhaps if you told him that it was primarily about women’s shoes he would have passed it up.


  4. Michelle Gillies

    Yes, yes, yes!


  5. Funny…i used to love the pizza I had with my husband…I miss that pizza…good pizza, even when it wasn’t great pizza! 😉


  6. Odd, I use to love pizza. Now, yeah still love pizza.


  7. You have obviously never had pizza in Cincinnati. I love pizza so much it was one of my first words (after “Dada”, but before “Mama”.) I thought I could enjoy every pizza ever conceived of… bagel pizza, french bread pizza, deep dish, NY-style, California-style… but then I had Cincinnati-style pizza. Cincinnati, you are a very nice city with very polite and friendly folk, but you can NOT do pizza.


  8. OMG, I’m cracking up. I find that at this time of my life, I’m much more interested in pizza than sex. Do you suppose that’s common? Great post AND comments!


  9. An old truth: the title has to grab them! ( and yours did!)


  10. I laughed out loud!!!


  11. I gotta agree with the pizza quote. Not so much applying it to sex, though.


  12. hmm. are you blushing in that picture?


  13. By the way, the movie was terrible. Thank goodness, pizza is always good.


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