Nancy Roman

There’s A Hole In My Bucket List

I’m taking a few days off, so here is a repeat from back in August, when I first started blogging:


Famous People I have met:

1.  Helen Hayes, 1981Helen Hayes at Riverside Shakespeare benefit 1...










Famous People I almost met:

Several years ago, when my husband and I were house-hunting, we looked at a little house in Litchfield Connecticut.  it was an eyebrow colonial –  isn’t that an adorable term?  I think it means that the second floor ceiling is at about eyebrow height.  You could see through a few (half) of the stairs, and the kitchen floor was so slanted, that when you went from the refrigerator to the stove, it was hard not to break into a run down the slope.  But it was a very very nice neighborhood.

A few months later we read in the paper that the next door neighbors had hosted a democratic fundraising event, and that the Clintons had stopped by.  So if we had bought that house, and I hadn’t cracked my head getting out of the shower, or fallen through the stairs, or tumbled down the kitchen hill, I would have met Bill and Hillary.

There was a rather large hedge between the two houses, but towards the back there was a thin spot, so I am pretty sure I would have been able to squeeze through.

US President Bill Clinton (center with hand up...


  1. Your list looks like my list although I have Jon Bon Jovi, 1987, as my #1 (and only) celebrity I have met. 🙂 I almost met Bruce Springsteen, but I twisted my ankle and didn’t make it in time to the gym where he was finishing up a workout (in 1986). All of my friends met him, though.


  2. thanks for the repeat post since i missed it the first time ’round. there is a hole in my bucket list, too. but, my fucket list is pretty long and detailed. ;o)


    • Michelle Gillies

      I am so over “bucket” lists. Thanks for introducing me to this new list. I shouldn’t have any problem filling that one up.


  3. OMG Monica’s reply cracked me up.

    I love your description of the house and the ceiling height. We once looked at a similar home, excited about the upper level. Once we squeezed through the stairwell, Larry could not stand up in the anticipated extra room.

    Have a great time off,


  4. My bucket list looks like yours. I haven’t dusted it off lately. Hmm.

    Have a great time off. Slanting floors. Our first house in Canada was like that. If you dropped something in the kitchen, it rolled into the living room. Ha ha.


  5. Michelle Gillies

    Nancy, I am really happy to see that your bucket list is pretty much like my bucket list. The whole bucket list concept has worn a little thin for me. I’m with Monica and her list. 😉


  6. Hillary-ious. I’m glad you’re taking a blogging break — it’s good for the soul. We won’t forget you, I promise. 😉


  7. carolcovin

    My list has Ted Kennedy (well, he was drinking in the bar I was in:) and Roger Daltrey (well, I didn’t actually meet him. He called our company and i was on the sales desk at the time. He said he’d call right back and i didn’t even get his number. Of course, he didn’t call back and I don’t think he ever bought our product)

    Love your idea of just leaving it empty!


  8. First of all, this post title cracked me up! I’m impressed that it sounds like you would have taken so many risks to meet the Clintons. I hope they read this post.



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