Nancy Roman


I admit it.

I was a terrible little tattletale.

I could claim that it was because I had two older sisters who tormented me, so I always ended up running to Mommy with tearful complaints.

Only not exactly.

Sure they tormented me, but that was their job as big sisters. And actually, their torment was exactly like what I handed out to my little brother.

I just loved to cry. I was the original drama queen.

But more than that, I liked tattling because it proved that I knew. I knew what everyone was doing and I was dying to tell everyone I knew. Because, in addition to being a drama queen, I was a know-it-all.

Yes, I was a little bundle of joy.

And now it appears that I’m getting a little payback.

Someone is tattling on me.

I have a little know-it-all that is just dying to tell my friends and family about every dumb thing I do.

It’s Yahoo.

Somehow I must have hit the wrong “allow” a few weeks ago, because Yahoo is now posting on Facebook the titles of the questionable articles I have been reading.

When I am opening my email, I am sometimes tempted by the stupidest headlines. But it’s okay to read trash in private, isn’t it?

But Yahoo is tattling.

It started with this Facebook posting:

Nancy read an article:  “Ashley Judd Lashes Out At Plastic Surgery Rumors”

I was a little irritated.  And the very next day, Yahoo posted:

Nancy read an article: “Kris Jenner’s Inappropriate Outfit Copies Daughter Kim Kardashian”

Okay, that’s quite enough. I am supposed to be an intellectual (or at least not a moron).

So I resolved not to click on any more of those silly teasers. But sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Five days ago:

Nancy read an article:  “Angelina Jolie Responds To Oscar Dress Leg Phenomenon”

Can I unclick that?

Can I tell my Facebook friends that my cat stepped on the keys?

Yesterday I caught myself just before I clicked  “Star Under Fire for Chewing Food for Baby”.

I said “NO.”  (Out loud I think.)

And I looked for a brainy, esoteric article that Yahoo could tell everyone I read.

On Yahoo, that’s not so easy.

But I found one:

Nancy read an article:  “Everything You Need To Know about Cauliflower”.



  1. He he he. Love your cartooning by the way.


    • Thanks… the drawings are fun for me too. I always liked coloring.


  2. bigsheepcommunications

    The truth is, everybody is reading those trashy articles. The only difference is that Yahoo has somehow outed you (or maybe it was your sisters).


  3. Oh, god. That’s the worst setting ever! I wish I could tell you how to fix it.

    And yes, Alicia Silverstone chews up her food and lets her kid eat it out of her mouth!! You know you want to read more… 😉


  4. I think we all read about Alicia Silverstone and Ashley Judd and the Kardashians. Missed the Angelina Jolie story though! That sounds interesting but don’t tell Yahoo!


  5. I was (and probably am) an obnoxious know-it-all, but I wasn’t a tattle-tale. It wasn’t through any nobility on my part; it was just that my older brother never did anything tattle-worthy, and my little sister had too much dirt on me for me to risk it. 🙂


  6. Go to Privacy Settings on Facebook => Apps, Games & Websites => App Settings

    Find Yahoo

    Then do one of the following: (1) Delete it entirely; (2) Change the posting so only you can see it on your timeline;

    You can do this with any app. Hope this helps.


    • I’m going to do that….and then read all the gossip I want!


  7. Susan Ritchie

    Yes, you were a tattletale – and you were a know-it-all, but you were OUR tattletale and know-it-all. Even though I was only a cousin – I got my fair share – as you reminded me. And I will stand behind you 100% (WAY behind you, but behind you never the less.) Nobody deserves to be outted by Yahoo! We have much better stories to tell than Yahoo could ever come up with by just checking what stories you read!


  8. pharphelonus

    Yeah, and it’s rare when facebook tells you what someone has read that they’ve read something they want others to know about.


  9. I refuse to read any articles on Facebook because I don’t want them to show up in my newsfeed. Because who needs to know? I will sometimes copy the link, log out of Facebook, and paste the article into my browser.


  10. The only time it is permissible for smart people to read stuff like that is at the hairdressers. So I suggest you lie and say that you have employed a full-time hairdresser in your own home and then you can read all the crap you want.

    Oh that or nix Facebook!


    • That’s why I love a long line at the supermarket. I can catch up on all the crap in the crappy magazines.


  11. hysterical. i am dying. the other day facebook told me that hubby read, “10 Things You Do That Make Her Not Want to Have Sex With You.” egad. not only was i hypersensitive to what he was “not doing” or “doing” i totally wanted to “not have sex with him” or “have sex with him” just to either prove or disprove the article. it was exhausting.


    • Yikes…. Has he ever been outed! What a snitch that Facebook is.


  12. I find it interesting that through this blog you are showing everyone that you still “know” what is going on, but you seem to be “tattling” on yourself most of the time.


  13. Michelle Gillies

    You have just confirmed my reasoning to not read anything on Yahoo! Thanks for that.
    Of course now I want to know what was up with Angelina’s leg and Ashlee’s face.


    • And I just now ALMOST clicked on “Kardashians’ Sexy Ad Altered?”


  14. I love this post. I am terrified of anyone knowing the crazy stuff I look up online. If I want to know about Drew Peterson that is between me and my god (who is Drew Peterson). This is totally going in the wrong direction.


  15. So, for about a minute, or is it a second, the heat is off Facebook and pointing towards Yahoo? Is this limelight or . . .?

    Like your presentation, your little tattletaylor. What the heck? Those who can’t LIE. At least your tell the truth. Don’t you?

    Another entertaining post, Nancy. You’re going to want bigger canvases soon to share with MORE people missing out on your nice sketching. It’s great. What can I say?


  16. Haha! Outed by Facebook! Thank goodness I don’t use Facebook. I humiliate myself enough on my own. LOL at your story and wonderful picture as usual!


  17. I had to do a little digging around in my FB before I found the button that shut up the tattletale! I feel your embarassment!!


  18. Witam! Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę pięknego weekendu!


  19. A tidbit of unsolicited advice: Find that button and unclick it !! Yikes! Not good. Next thing, you’ll be getting visits from the CIA, NSA, FBI and who knows who else 🙂 !!! Just sayin’ ~~ ya never know!


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