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Sweet Girls

Last year on this date, I wrote about a little girl who made me feel a little better about myself at a time I was hurt and vulnerable. (A Lesson In Shame) So today, I thought it would be appropriate to write about another childhood friend. When I was fifteen, my family moved across town. …

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Now that I am finally retired from my income-producing vocation (as opposed to Writing, my income-reducing avocation) – I have found that is is really easy to slip into hermit mode. I am solitary by nature. Sitting at my computer most of the day, and sometimes not leaving the house for days, I have to …

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The Peanuts Perspective

When I was a teenager, full of morose and moronic but perfectly normal teenage angst, there was one thing I completely loved Peanuts. Not the in-the-ground Jimmy Carter kind. (Although I did love them and still do.) The comic strip. I had books and books of Peanuts strips, and often clipped the big Sunday color …

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Just skimming through the New York Times, and I saw a review for the new movie, “La La Land.” From the review and the trailer – I really want to see it. Not that I see a lot of movies anymore. But, when I was a kid, and up through my twenties, I saw just …

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Not Quite Right, Dr. Freud

In honor of reconnecting with my very best friend from childhood, here’s a post from 2012 about Doris and one of our favorite games. I hope she will forgive me for my deep, horrible secret: NOT QUITE RIGHT, DR. FREUD I was reminded the other day of Freud’s theory that by age six or so, …

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The Bad Influence

This is a story of a childhood friend. But the story isn’t really about the friend, or about me, or even about friendship in general. When all is said and done, this is a story about my mother. Today is her 91st birthday, and this story is about the kind of mother and person she …

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It’s my husband’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old he is, but let me say with some glee:  Older Than Me! In celebration of his birthday, let me pay tribute to the good and bad side of one of his strongest traits. Pig-Headedness. My husband is stubborn. Probably the stubbornest person I have ever …

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A Tasteless, Yet Gratifying, Tale

Somewhere around my fifth year of college, I rediscovered my shyness. Inexplicably, I felt thirteen again. Awkward, unattractive, tongue-tied. I stopped dating. I forgot how to flirt. It was a phase. It lasted ten years. When I hit thirty, I figured it was time to do more than work and go to school. So I …

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The Best Book I Ever Read

We haven’t had much snow this Winter (Autumn, however, was ridiculous). We had a little snow last weekend, and as I looked out over the slope of our backyard, I thought about sledding. And the image of sledding always reminds me of… Annette Funicello. When I was about ten, I became friends with a girl …

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