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Filler – (While Distracted)

I have a new obsession that is stealing all my time away from blogging. I am going to blog about it. But right now I am too busy with my latest time-waster to find the time to blog about my latest time-waster. Give me a little while to let boredom creep in, and I’ll be …

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I’m Going Small

In 2012, my New Year’s Resolutions were BIG!   I never realized how successful I could be just through visualization (and a creative definition of success). So this year I thought I would tackle even bigger challenges – by selecting those teeny tiny adorably quirky habits (some – like a person I am related to …

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I was a really skinny kid. My knees were the biggest part of me. Big bony joints set in the middle of some weird twigs. It doesn’t matter so much when you are eight. Everybody’s knees are scabby wonderlands anyway. Miniskirts were popular when I was in high school in the sixties. I was still …

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I admit it. I was a terrible little tattletale. I could claim that it was because I had two older sisters who tormented me, so I always ended up running to Mommy with tearful complaints. Only not exactly. Sure they tormented me, but that was their job as big sisters. And actually, their torment was …

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Most evenings, I watch TV with my laptop on my lap (which is why it is so named). TV is better if you don’t pay too much attention. So I write my blog, read other people’s blogs, converse on Facebook, and play Words With Friends and Spider Solitaire. Usually all at the same time. Most …

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Pen Pals – Facebook Style

I am friends with a famous author.  Facebook friends. This is not just a case where I clicked ‘Liked’ and now I get posts about the next novel in process or book signing appearance.  I do have some celebrity Facebook friends like that.  And I kind of like these famous people sharing little snippets with …

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