Nancy Roman

Filler – (While Distracted)

I have a new obsession that is stealing all my time away from blogging.

I am going to blog about it.

But right now I am too busy with my latest time-waster to find the time to blog about my latest time-waster.

Give me a little while to let boredom creep in, and I’ll be back typing and drawing away.

In the meantime, I wouldn’t want you to forget me.

So here are two snippets from my adorable mother.

Snippet #1.

She went shopping recently but forgot her reading glasses. So she couldn’t read the price tags on anything. So she went to the Accessories Department and borrowed some glasses from the display. She did all her shopping and then put the glasses back.

“I had the tag hanging down my face, but I don’t think anyone noticed.”

Snippet #2.

Tonight at our weekly dinner (toasted pastrami and cheese sandwiches  – yum), she told me that her favorite morning TV show has a new segment where they replay the funniest internet videos of the day.

“These videos have all gone virus on Face Tube.”

No wonder I love her.

Mom Shops - a la Minnie Pearl

Mom Shops – a la Minnie Pearl


  1. I love it! Both of those “snippets” are priceless….


  2. “Gone virus!” I love it! And what a great idea to borrow the display glasses. I think I love your Mom too. 🙂


  3. My kids offer plenty of hilarious mis-speaks, but my mom does too. She often apologizes for missing my phone calls by explaining, “I had my phone on vibrator.”


    • Oh hilarious! And it definitely could have come out of my mother’s mouth too!


  4. Oh no! I have borrowed glasses from the “lost and found”, used them and returned them when I have forgotten my glasses on my desk at home. But no, never borrowed merchandise. You have a cute mom and this is such a cute post.


  5. I love your mother.


  6. Love your mom. TOTALLY love your illustration. And DYING to know what your distraction is!!!!


    • It’s really dumb… so don’t get your expectations up.


  7. Your mom is great! Love the pic, I wonder does she know?

    So do grow bored soon, curious minds and all.


    • I’ve only shown my mother a couple of my posts. I prefer that my family (especially husband) stay away from my blog. It really frees me up to write about all the stuff that they do and say.


  8. I confess. I have gone into Target to pick up a list of stuff–I avoid the big discount stores until it just can’t be postponed anymore–only to find the A/C blasting, set at Arctic. Yep. I just go borrow a sweater or jacket, wear it with the tags on, then put it back on the rack. Think of it as “extended trying on.” Give your mom a compatriot hug.


    • I have never done that… but what a good idea! Do they sell mittens in the supermarket?


  9. Love your mom! Love the stories about her.


  10. i am laughing, but a little frightened at my apparently quickly approaching (or here) old age, too because i have gone to the store without my glasses and been unable to read all the tags. i have asked my kids and have gotten useful answers such as, “two….pennies?” “um. hmm. it looks like it might cost four? or forty?” “mom, is this a dollar or a cents sign?” i will now just go snag a pair from the rack and try to make sure the tag is not in my face.


  11. This is sweet. Endearing, really. Your mom is delightful. Love these snippets.


  12. I can’t handle the suspense anymore! When are you going to tell us about your new hobby?


  13. Hilarious–laugh out loud hilarious!


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