Nancy Roman

I’m Going Small

In 2012, my New Year’s Resolutions were BIG!   I never realized how successful I could be just through visualization (and a creative definition of success).

So this year I thought I would tackle even bigger challenges – by selecting those teeny tiny adorably quirky habits (some – like a person I am related to by marrying him – might call… faults) that I never seem to make progress on.

My 2013 Resolutions

I’m Going SMALL.

1.  I will not trim my own bangs.  My hairdresser has pleaded with me to just stop by between haircuts for a little trim on the bangs. But you know, I look in the mirror and they are a hair too long (hairdresser humor) and the scissors are right here in the drawer…

I have a little trouble controlling myself around scissors.  From about the time I was five years old. You can verify this with my mother.

With my unfortunate trim compulsion, I recognize that I should set realistic goals.

So I will already amend goal #1:  I will not trim my own bangs more than once a week.


2.  While hair-trimming is a long-standing but minor obsession, I have a new one in need of reining in (slightly).   Resolved:  I will not check my iPhone at a restaurant.  Although I hate when other people do this, I am more discreet than those rude folk. I can check Facebook from under the table, and I am sure that my dinner companions just think I am saying Grace. My husband also hates this habit.  But then again, he thinks I am saying Grace. That, or that I have bladder issues.

As an indication of my good intentions, I went to the ladies’ room on December 31 and did not take my purse. (I did take a quick glance at FB, however, when he was in the mens’ room. But it was still 2012. And he was peeing, for God’s sake. I can take a peek while he takes a leak.)

3.  I will not repeat myself. My husband is slightly hard of hearing (plus he never pays attention, but we’ll save that for some other time) and so to everything I say, he says “What?” – and I say it again. After twenty-one years of marriage, this is such a habit that I find myself repeating everything I say – to everyone. “It looks like we will exceed budget by two percent. Yes, I think we will exceed budget by two percent.” “Excuse me, does this cardigan come in black?  I like this cardigan – does it come in black?” And lately, I am finding that most people (except one) seem slightly annoyed by my echo. So I resolve that – except for that person I am related to by marriage – I will not repeat myself. Because, you know, some people seemed slightly annoyed.

4. I will not eat the pan drippings while cleaning up from dinner. Have you noticed that the grease in the bottom of the skillet is more delicious than the hamburger?  Pans can be awkward to lick, but a big spoon can make it appear that you are scrubbing. I receive half my daily caloric intake from the bottom of the pan. But I resolve to quit. I believe a workable strategy would be to squirt the dish soap right into the skillet as soon as I have removed the hamburger. But I think instead I will have my husband do the dishes. That will work too.

5. I will take the few extra seconds it requires to make legible notes. I have very passable – even vaguely talented –  drawing skills. You’d think my handwriting would be decent, if not elegant. But the truth is that I can never be bothered to take the time.  This results in my husband showing up at the wrong hour or returning the wrong telephone call. Just a few weeks ago, I left him a note saying that I was going to my mother’s. He called my mother about two hours later wondering if she knew where I was. I sometimes need to rewrite post-its to my boss six times to get one that I can actually stick on her door. But what is really inexcusable is that I cannot read the brilliant blog ideas I write to myself.



6.  I will use up all my makeup, lotion, hair goop, and perfume before I buy another. Because once I have a new whatever, I have no interest any more in the old whatever. It may have been the very best blush I ever had, and my absolute all-time favorite, but if I buy another that is not exactly the same shade, consistency, packaging, I need to immediately try the new one, and it becomes my new favorite, and I never look back. This is sort of like the boyfriends I had in high school.

photo (25)

But I can’t just throw the old whatever away. That would be wasteful. I have six foundations all with 12% left in the container. Blush compacts with just enough blush left around the corners to keep me rosy for the next 4.7 years. And a concealer is a terrible thing to waste. Those little wands alone could paint all the trim in my bathroom.

On the other hand, throwing away the old milk once in a while might be a good idea.



  1. Happy New Year!


  2. Now I’m thinking of all MY quirks and oddities! Thanks a lot.
    Good luck with all of yours.


    • You mean you have a different quirk than licking the bottom of the skillet?


      • Sounds pretty good, actually. I’ve been craving meat lately…


  3. Good luck with those especially the hair trim one. I share that passion!


    • Well, I’ve already amended it to no more than 1 trim a week. I MIGHT be able to control myself for 6 days.


  4. Ahhh I think not trimming your bangs is a huge resolution … I know I don’t think I could stop myself. Good luck!


  5. Your blognotes look a lot like mine. You could make even more (ab)use of that iPhone and use it to jot down blog ideas. I keep shopping lists, blog ideas, all kinds of stuff like that on my phone, eliminating the paper/pen/lousy writing issue.


    • The little keyboard makes me crazy… but I will give it a try.


  6. loverbean

    Suggestion: combine all your extra blushes into a small air tight container and mix together for a little “glow” duster. Do the same for foundations and like hair products. You’ll love your new blends and feel pretty clever using them. Also, if you have such a capability, you could record your blog ideas on your phone or text them to yourself although that might interfere with res. #2… 🙂


    • That is a very cool idea…. “Glow Duster” here I come.


  7. Happy New Year, Nancy. I look forward to reading about when you break these …. especially checking the iPhone at a restaurant because I need that tip.


    • So far so good. We went out for a quesadilla tonight and I only checked it in the car. (both coming and going but it still counts).


  8. Some excellent resolutions in there! I, too, once had a hairdresser that begged me not to trim my own bangs. Good luck with all your fault reduction plans. And I think you are more than vaguely or passably talented – you rock, Nancy. Have a wonderful 2013!


    • Thanks. And I love the ride that your train of thought takes me on….


  9. Love it – take a peek while he takes a leak. Totally permissible, I would say.


  10. I can help with the checking the phone, don’t take it into the restaurant with you. Break the habit! I leave mine in the car, believe me that couple of hours spent with out it is a blessing.

    As to the rest, good luck. I look forward to reading about your stellar success.

    Happy New Year Nancy.


    • Two years ago I didn’t think I had a use for a smartphone. Now the thought of leaving it in the car for an hour or two fills me with dread.


  11. I think everything on your list is quite acceptable and need not be changed except number 4. That’s just IMHO just disgusting! Stop it right now!


    • I blame my mother. She used to let me sop up the steak drippings with a slice of white bread. Yum.


      • Ok, I can understand the bread thing…but a spoon, no.


        • Yup. White bread makes it so much healthier!


  12. “pans can be awkward to lick.” that sentence made me snort. yes – they can – – but so, so delicious. i have this habit as well and i only do it in secret after everyone has left the kitchen (because god forbid someone see me doing it) and i am cleaning up by myself. and i’ve tried to stop. so far it hasn’t worked. better luck to you!


    • I am so glad I am not the only one. And yes, it is the only advantage to getting no help in the kitchen.


  13. I don’t know… I’m pretty sure leaving behind unlicked pan drippings is a mortal sin. Y’know, ‘starving children in Africa’, and all that stuff. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


  14. I love this list! Of course I will have to join in #3 & #5. My husband will not be happy about #3 and I could have had a blog a day if I could have read my own “idea” notes. I have to confess that I too had a problem with #4 but I have been doing exactly what you suggested (squirting soap into it immediately) and that does tend to curb the habit…most of the time.



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