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Most evenings, I watch TV with my laptop on my lap (which is why it is so named). TV is better if you don’t pay too much attention.

So I write my blog, read other people’s blogs, converse on Facebook, and play Words With Friends and Spider Solitaire. Usually all at the same time. Most of my attention goes to blogging.  If I had to make a diagram it would look like this:

TV is the perfect background. When it’s boring, it relaxes away the stresses from the day. And when it’s interesting (although seldom), it distracts you from the stresses of the day.

My husband never cared much for TV. Before I met him, he had mostly garage hobbies. But since vegging out in front of the TV is my favorite past-time, he was sort of sucked into it.

My husband also multi-tasks in front of TV.  His diagram looks like this:

Of course, my husband can’t do these three things simultaneously. He can snack and watch TV.  Or he can snooze. He multi-tasks by alternating.

Before I discovered blogging, I was in charge of the remote. Since my husband was ambivalent at best about TV in general, he didn’t mind. We overwhelmingly watched what I chose. Since I have exquisite taste, it wasn’t a problem. And because I am a wonderful wife, once in a while I would actually tell him when Drag Racing was on.

But with my new blogging obsession hobby, I thought it was only fair to turn the remote over to him.

It was rather amazing. A man who had no interest in television picks up a remote and the primordial need to channel-surf comes right out of dormancy. Like there must be a channel-surfing gene buried in the y chromosome.

I’m mostly blogging, so it’s hard for me to complain when he watches five minutes of one program, and seven minutes of something else, and three minutes of commercials while looking for another something else. The only program we seem to watch all the way through is “Gold Rush.” where men destroy acres upon acres of virgin Alaskan woodland looking for 7 ounces of gold. (Oh…and Drag Racing.)

Sometimes when he’s channel-surfing, I hear a bit of something that’s interesting – for TV. But then it’s gone. Sometimes when he dozes off, I can watch a whole program in its entirety (while blogging). But it may not be what I would have chosen, since he’s got the remote. That’s why I am such an expert on “CSI Miami.”

This week my husband hit a new high of multi-tasking and channel-surfing.

I’m blogging away, and I hear two seconds of one program and two seconds of another program and two seconds of a third. Okay, he’s going up and down the channel lineup. He stops. I’m not paying much attention, but eventually I am aware of the distinctly melodious voices of …

…QVC.  Yes, the oohing and aahing over cubic zirconium.

I look over at Hubbie in surprise over his selection. And he’s asleep – with his finger on the remote.

My husband can multi-task after all.

He can channel-surf WHILE snoozing.


  1. Oh yes.. I could easily have written this post. (except for the Gold Rush – Motor Man hasn’t discovered that.)
    With him , I can tell when he’s fallen asleep, because the tv is on the same channel for more than 3 seconds – and it isn’t Greed or racing of some type.
    And our pie charts would be the same as yours! I love Spider Solitaire!


  2. visitingmissouri

    That’s impressive. Taking multitasking to a whole new level. I envy that. I can do just one thing at the same time and when I snooze, I’m useless (well, in the normal sense).


    • I don’t multi-task well at work. I like to do just one thing at a time…and pay attention.


  3. Kay

    My husband’s pie graph: 20% CSI; 40% snooze; 40% cursing some right-wing crazy that’s in the news.


  4. My piechart would resemble yours except instead of Words with Friends, i would have to put “looking up weird things on the Internet, which I then put into my blog.”

    Love the drawing!


  5. I love graphs and I love how you graphed out yours and your husbands evenings! I instantly wanted to graph my life. Color code it how fun! I probably won’t but I really appreciate that you did. I’m a multi tasker as well I can do several things with back ground TV noise. Although when I listen to say a radio talk show I’m single minded and can’t seem to multi task. I’m not sure maybe because my primary learning style I think is auditory not sure. Anyway Loved this Post.


  6. What, no sports? I’d have to add sports and cursing in equal measures to my husband’s pie chart.

    Fun blog as always.


    • Only Drag Racing. And even then, half the time he is snoring.


  7. My husbands pie chart 50% Golf channel, 20% Love & Marriage (while Sleeping), 30% War Games!

    As always love the art and the humor, thanks!


  8. Got a real chuckle out of your post today! I never understood how men can sit down in their ‘comfy’ chairs and fall asleep within two or three seconds, all the while maintaining a firm grip on the television remote. I do think it has to be genetic…I wonder if cavemen fell asleep holding onto their clubs the same way?
    Great charts, too. love that idea!


  9. Wow! I am in awe of your husband’s sleep/remoting talent! That’s got to be a new one.


  10. I’m glad you are good at multitasking because you can watch TV while you fulfill the lengthiest blog assignment ever assigned in the history of blog assignment. I’ve tagged you in this game of tag and it will be fun? Yes, fun!

    here are the deets:


    • Thanks…I’ll check it out. I think it might get harder as this game progresses, since we have a lot of the same blogging friends.


  11. It’s like you were sitting in my living room with me! And I’m delighted to have you, but next time call first, ok?

    Just popped round to mention your entry in The Jacket: A Writing Competition has just been posted. Check it out – it looks great! Thanks for contributing.


  12. You are nicer than me. It drives me crazy when we go from channel to channel.


  13. How long could you go without either one (TV OR INTERNET)?

    For instance, we often go on vacation for several weeks at time and do not email, watch television or any of the other stuff.

    How long would you last?



    • I love my TV and I love my Internet…but I also love my books and my drawing, so I’d be okay for a while. (maybe a week)


  14. One time my hubby fell asleep in front of the TV with his thumb on the remote’s volume button. He woke himself up. 🙂


  15. Absolutely brilliant blog! Love the pie charts – Imine would be almost identical to yours except for the solitaire – that part would be looking at houses for sale – not that we want to move – I just love being nosey looking round other houses!
    Now … I was trying to find a contact page for you …. but couldn’t … so I am leaving this message here:
    I am more than delighted to have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award! Your posts brighten my day everytime I read one … thank you so very much!

    As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

    Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.

    Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.

    The thank you is at the beginning of the post.

    Answer the following questions:

    Your Favorite Color

    Your Favorite Animal

    Your Favorite Number

    Your Favorite Drink

    Facebook or Twitter?

    Your Passion

    Giving or getting presents?

    Your Favorite Day

    Your Favorite Flowers

    Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.

    Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs, and let them know you awarded them.


  16. You have just described what is happening all across the nation…and in my living room 😉


    • It’s definitely a permutation of the y chromosome.


  17. Shell

    I look forward everyday to reading your posts!!!!


  18. I’m loving that. My wife is the remote girl in our house. She’s also the true tv person. I got a washer and dryer, she wanted a bigger screen tv. hehehe


  19. I LOVE charts. I’ve heard a picture is worth a thousand words and charts tell it all. Nice job.


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