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How I Won The Dance Contest

HOW I WON THE DANCE CONTEST – OR- PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING In 1965, the local radio station threw a block party. The AM station, WBIS, was insignificant and unpopular. Their claim to fame was that the actor Bob Crane had started his career there. The Hartford stations WPOP and WDRC were the stations everyone listened …

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A few days a go I was doing a little gardening. Here is a totally gratuitous photo of my helper. Theo has nothing to do with this story, but I am addicted to taking pictures of his adorable self.   So anyway, I am digging up weeds. I love pulling weeds – it is sort …

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Not Quite Right, Dr. Freud

In honor of reconnecting with my very best friend from childhood, here’s a post from 2012 about Doris and one of our favorite games. I hope she will forgive me for my deep, horrible secret: NOT QUITE RIGHT, DR. FREUD I was reminded the other day of Freud’s theory that by age six or so, …

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Unhappy Childhood

I have always considered my childhood to be an extraordinarily happy one. Until yesterday. I was wandering around Pinterest and I came upon this:   And, oh my, I realized that I had a very unhappy childhood. Because I wanted a canopy bed so much. I wanted a canopy bed a lot more than I …

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The Best Day

When I was a kid, do you know what my favorite day of the year was? Yeah, okay, Christmas. (Good guess.) After all, I was a little girl who loved dolls and clothes and anything wrapped up. And unwrapping stuff. And tree-trimming and angel decorations. And parties and singing. And staying up late and getting …

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Oh, Grow Up!

Remember that book from about twenty-five years ago – “All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten” ? It was a cute little book with life lessons like: “Put things back.” “Don’t take stuff that isn’t yours.” “Wash your hands before you eat.” The book was a huge hit, but I’m not sure …

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I admit it. I was a terrible little tattletale. I could claim that it was because I had two older sisters who tormented me, so I always ended up running to Mommy with tearful complaints. Only not exactly. Sure they tormented me, but that was their job as big sisters. And actually, their torment was …

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No Wonder

I heard the bad news on the radio. Wonder Bread has filed for bankruptcy. Again. It’s only been two years since Hostess Brands originally filed for bankruptcy. Apparently that wasn’t enough time to get the American public excited again about Twinkies and Ding Dongs. That surprises me, because a lot of Americans look like they …

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The Field Trip

In her comment a few days ago, Tess remarked that I must have been a very observant child. Oh yeah. I am hardly ever serious now.  But I was a serious kid. I sought logic in an illogical world. Some of my questions were just kid stuff:  Why do I have to do Arithmetic homework, …

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Orphan Envy

When I was eight, I was in a play. The local Girl’s Club (like the “Y” without the yucky boys) offered afterschool classes, and I signed up for Drama.  Good thing they didn’t call it Acting.  I suck at Acting but Drama is my life. The drama class put on a play (I think the …

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