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Midnight Conversations

12:00 AM Stewart the Cat:  “Meow. Ha ha ha. You’re doomed. Meow.” John Doe the Mouse: “Eek.  No no no. Eek eek.” Me:  “Honey, wake up.” Him: “Unhn. ” Me:  “Honey, wake up.” Him:  “Okay.” 12:02 AM Stewart: “Meow. You can’t escape. Meow.” John Doe: “Eek. Eek.  I will run under the bed. Eek.” Me: …

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Puppy Lessons

Twenty-five days ago, Theo joined our family. We had been a cat family. We’ve had as many as five at a time. We currently have three. We’re good at cats. We have a lot to learn about dogs. I had a dog many, many years ago (like 45). But although I did a lot of …

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Examining Their Crazy Little Heads

I received an enticing offer from Groupon this week. I actually received it twice. I guess because I bookmarked it, Groupon figured I must be really interested, so they reminded me the next day. And I am VERY interested. For $19.00 I can take an online animal psychology course. (A $175 Value!) To quote the …

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Feline Issues

My old cat is driving us crazy. She was our neighbor’s cat. But our neighbor had some personal issues, and somehow her little kitten got lost in the shuffle. Cats are not like dogs. So often, dogs are loyal even to mean or neglectful owners. Cats are more like, “Oh you’re too busy for me? …

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Cats and Dogs

When I was a little girl, I believed – for much longer than I should admit – that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. I believed this despite the fact that when I was about five I had a dog named Daisy. But I never for one minute believed that Daisy was …

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Happy Mother’s Day (Once Removed)

I’ve long had bittersweet feelings for Mother’s Day. On one hand, my mother is my favorite person in the whole world. (Sorry, Hubby, but it’s true.) But the biggest regret of my life is that I never had children. I married late in life and it just never happened. For many years I thought my …

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Stranger Than Fiction

The tricky thing about writing fiction is that it can’t be too fictional. You’re supposed to create a real world that the reader can believe. Real Life. Believable Real Life. The funny part is that Real Life is not like that. Everyone has experiences that are completely Unbelievable. The following crazy little event actually happened. Just …

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Merry Christmas


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A Celebration of Peeve

This week was my mother’s 89th birthday. Buying her a present is easy. She likes everything. She likes clothes and jewelry and makeup and getting her hair done and going out to dinner. And books and magazines. And movies and television and free concerts in the park. And McDonald’s McDoubles. And a nice cup of …

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