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I rarely post poetry from my other blog (“With Resistance”) here on “Not Quite Old.” But we’ve been discussing favorite actresses in my last several posts (Like Diane Lane).  And most recently I shared my love for Audrey Hepburn.  My movie-star infatuation reminded me of some of my other Hollywood crushes. Which reminded me of …

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Cry Me A River

I was about ten when I discovered my forever idol. Audrey Hepburn. From that first discovery until today, Audrey embodies everything I ever wanted to be like. Graceful, elegant, kind. But especially everything I wanted to look like. The gorgeous doe eyes, strong brows, expressive mouth with the most perfect lips. And the bone structure, the long …

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The Local Church Ladies Could Hold A Better Raffle

I may be able to write a blog, a novel, and a poem. I may be able to formulate a three-year-plan for the nursery business and negotiate insurance coverage. I may be able to bake a loaf of babka. I may be able to match my blush to the perfect shade of lipstick. I may …

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I had a beach day yesterday. I love the beach, but my joy of the beach has always been mingled with overwhelming worry. Worry about my body. I’ve written many times about my self-consciousness on the beach. When I was a teenager, I worried about how skinny I was. I cannot think now of anything …

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Looking Good

The other day I was getting ready for work, and my hair and makeup came out especially nice – very rare indeed. And I loved what I was wearing, which was just a black v-neck long-sleeved tee (but that’s my favorite thing to wear with jeans). So after I made the bed, I documented my …

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Slimmer In Seconds

(A repeat from last year – now that Beach Season is here.)   Thank Goodness! My first trip to the beach this year was somewhat traumatic. But my next trip is going to be perfect. Because just sent me the most fantastic beach tips:  “How To Fake Slimmer In Seconds!” And it’s so easy! …

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While We’re At It

Most people agreed with me when I said that we should all pay more compliments. There are opportunities every day to pay someone a sincere compliment. And we shouldn’t let those opportunities pass by. It’s so easy to make someone’s day. So speaking of making someone’s day, how about you? Shouldn’t you be paying yourself …

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The Beauty Pageant

Okay, I have admitted that I was not a beautiful child. I have also admitted more than once that I was an extremely late bloomer – like at sixty. So from those two facts, you might be able to deduce that my thirties were not quite stellar.  I was better than homely but a far …

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Why I Am What I Am

A friend of mine recently remarked:  “God gave me boys because He knew I would never be able to make a french braid.” That is the kind of philosophical insight that I just love. And it got me to thinking. What are the reasons I got the attributes I fortunately or unfortunately live with every …

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Style Rules (According To Me)

I have a few opinions. Some who know me might be saying “No kidding” under their breaths. That’s okay. I’m not hurt. They do know me. And they appreciate all my helpful advice. I’m quite sure. So here’s some of my indubitable (I love that word – my maiden name is Dube) opinions on style …

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