Nancy Roman

Hero Portrait #4

I am painting a series of watercolor portraits of people that inspire me.

It is my way to stay optimistic through this worry and sadness.

This is Tori.

Tori is the daughter of a former co-worker

Tori is a nurse.

Tori is now Covid-19 positive.

Tori is a hero.


  1. Lovely painting and I’m sure her family will appreciate it…


  2. Nurses are bloody amazing your portrait in beautiful


  3. May she completely recover. She IS truly a hero.


  4. This is a wonderful portrait. I hope she recovers. I think you should give the portrait to her.


  5. Beautiful painting. We are really proud of such beautiful souls working day and night tirelessly to safeguard our wellbeing. They are real heroes.


  6. This is wonderful Nancy. Wishing Tori a full recovery. She is indeed a hero.


  7. I hope she completely recovers and I think ALL the essential workers are Heroes right now! Thank you!


  8. What a wonderful way to put your talent to use.


  9. Beautiful!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Prayers for Tori and all the ‘helpers’ (to paraphrase Mr. Rogers).


  11. Thanks for the email


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