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Hero Portrait #4

I am painting a series of watercolor portraits of people that inspire me. It is my way to stay optimistic through this worry and sadness. This is Tori. Tori is the daughter of a former co-worker Tori is a nurse. Tori is now Covid-19 positive. Tori is a hero.

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Yesterday, I remembered a woman I met in the Fall of 1969. At the time, I was under the delusion that I was going to be a nurse. My mother was a nurse and I wanted to be like her. She had her doubts but she and my dad supported my decision to go to …

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My Shortest Career

I’ve written before that I thought I could have been be a good doctor – even though my short-lived career in Nursing didn’t exactly go well. (“I Coulda Been Somebody”) I wrote back then that the hospital work was okay, but that the academic side was drudgery. That was not exactly true. I am a …

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“I Coulda Been Somebody”

In conversation with an acquaintance recently, I remarked that I was getting ready for retirement. “You’ve been getting ready for retirement for three years,” he said. “You’ll never retire.” “Oh yeah?” I answered with my usual snappy repartee. “I will so retire. One more year, tops.” But he was sure I wouldn’t. “You can’t retire. …

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