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Worrying About My Heroes

I need hero protection. To get me through this pandemic and these divisive insane times, I have been painting a series of portraits of people I admire. I call them my Hero Portraits. My first few portraits were relatively easy picks. They are people for whom my belief is so strong, my confidence in their …

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Hero Portrait #4

I am painting a series of watercolor portraits of people that inspire me. It is my way to stay optimistic through this worry and sadness. This is Tori. Tori is the daughter of a former co-worker Tori is a nurse. Tori is now Covid-19 positive. Tori is a hero.

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Deleted Heroes

What do you do when people you admire disappoint you? In your personal life, when someone disappoints you, you either forgive them and love them despite their failings, or you say goodbye and leave them behind you. But what about those other people you admire? Famous people – celebrities, politicians, artists. Maybe ‘hero’ is too …

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Not The Hero Type

This summer at the beach, I was standing at the water’s edge as a women was making her way in through the foaming waves breaking at the shore. I watched her struggle to get past the undertow. She lost her footing, regained it, only to lose it again, falling forward. She struggled to right herself …

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All Girls Are Welcome Here

Did you know that Amelia Earhart designed her own clothes? I can’t tell you how much I am cheered by this fact. Recently I had a conversation with an eight-year-old. This girl is nothing like me. I was a girly-girl from the get-go. I loved baby dolls and crinolines and patent leather shoes, and dresses …

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