Nancy Roman

Not Playing It Safe

I am by nature a cautious person.

It’s a well-entrenched part of who I am. And I don’t really expect to change significantly as I age. I don’t believe I will ever climb onto the back of a motorcycle or scale Mount Everest or throw a fit in public. Or go to Costco without a list.

But on the other hand, I am also discovering that caution can be confining.

Every month or so, I see a posting on a social media site about regret: “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” This is usually attributed to Mark Twain, although Mark Twain did not say it. But whoever did say might have been on to something.

Now that I am officially old – I used my Medicare card again this week – it always shocks me a bit to take that out of my wallet and see my name on it – I wonder sometimes what I missed because I was cautious. Interesting places I didn’t go to, jobs I didn’t apply for, delicious things I didn’t eat, fascinating people I didn’t talk to.

Although I am quite certain I will never be much of a reckless soul, I do think I am getting a little less reck.

And why not?

Whoever said that old age should be safe?

I’m 66.86 years old.

At best, I figure I have only 33% of my life left. And the first 67% went by in a flash (all except high school – that was interminable), so imagine how fast the rest will go when it is only half as long as my prior existence.

At worst, I am at the tail end of my life and I just don’t know it yet.

Either way – I’m on the downside.

So instead of taking itty bitty steps like you do when you are going down a slippery hill, why not sit down on your ass and SLIDE!

I’m having more fun now that I have less to lose.

I’m dying anyway. We all are –  but there’s no denying I’m getting closer and closer. What the hell do I have to lose?

So I wrote those books that I had always been meaning to write.


I bought the convertible.


I got the dog. (see above photo.)


I went all the way blonde.

me and thor

I kept all three kittens we were fostering. (see above photo and triple the cats.)

I took off my clothes at the nude beach. (no pics on this one!)\

My husband, being older than I, and male, is statistically on an even steeper, even slippier slope.

And he has often been even more risk-averse than I.

He has a generator AND a stack of wood that will fuel the woodstove and fireplace through 2027.

He feels we are dangerously low on eggs when we have only a dozen left.

The only place he would drive on a half a tank of gas is to the gas station to fill up.

But … on the other hand…

He built a house – an unbelievably magnificent house.

afternoon sun

He also got the convertible, the dog, and three kittens.  And accompanied me you-know-where – and loved it.

And this week he did the craziest thing a guy in his seventies could do.

And I encouraged and cheered him on.



If we are on the edge of the steep, slippery slope, we are not going to tiptoe over.

We are going to slide on our ass – and enjoy the ride.

So here is the newest member of the family.

His name is Moonlight.

Moonlight Roman.


My first selfie with a horse. But something tells me it isn’t Moonlight’s first selfie.



P.S. After much distress and effort, My latest book LUCINDA’S SOLUTION is finally looking as good as I dreamed it could be – and is available on Amazon. I hope you will give it a try. Here’s the link: Lucinda’s Solution.



  1. OH. MY. GOSH!!! You got a horse!!!! Do you ride? Or are you going to take lessons? I am SOOOOO jealous! Hubby keeps saying I can get one, but we’d have to board it, etc., etc…..
    I love “getting a little less reck”.
    I am so looking forward to more posts about Moonlight Roman!


    • I don’t ride (yet). My husband has been taking lessons for about 18 months and he loves it. We are boarding the horse at the stable where he takes lessons. He is on cloud nine.


  2. You have to do what’s best for you

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  3. You rock, girlfriend! I am the same age and have been saying the same thing for a while now! Life goes only one way. No turning back. So all we can do is embrace tomorrow with open arms and a little sass!


    • Exactly right! We might as well get some living in. I think the time I wasted being cautious might actually add up to several years. So I’m due for a few crazy years.


  4. Beautiful! More power to ya! Your house looks adorable. Happy holidays.


    • Our house is amazing, but if we decide to live more simply that would be ok for me too. Happy Holidays to you too… whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be sweet.

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  5. Deb

    No clue what was coming and such an amazing surprise! So how was the name Moonlight chosen?


    • He’s 8 years old, so Moonlight was already his name. My husband is calling him Moonie already, but I am sticky to Moonlight – so classy!


  6. good for you! and your husband. Happy holidays and congrats on your second book.


    • Thanks… with a horse for my husband and a book for me, this Christmas is already magnificent. I hope whatever holiday you celebrate is wonderful for you too.


  7. Congratulations to all. I love your attitude and all of this!


    • Thanks. In truth, I’m not crazy about being old – but I love the freedom!

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  8. jono51

    Cool! I am about two or three months younger than you. I have had horses of my own here on the farm for about twenty two years now. Wonderful beasts they are. I don’t ride or drive much anymore, but I still enjoy their company.


    • My husband and I never knew that much about horses, but he has really connected. And I have to say, there is something special about a horse. The photo above was taken the first time I ever met Moonlight. The first thing he did was put his head on my shoulder. So it was love at first sight.


  9. Congrats! On the book, the horse, and your embrace of/appreciation for this
    incredible stage of life. Cheers!


    • Thanks! Old age may not be too bad after all. It seems to be freeing.

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  10. Alex

    What a wonderful way to enjoy your retirement. Moonlight is beautiful. Enjoy him.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Alex… buying a horse wasn’t ever in my wildest of dreams… but why not? It’s time to be crazy. Hope your Christmas is a happy one.


  11. What a beautiful horse! Here’s to being less reck.


    • And couth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either! Or gruntled.

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  12. Love this! Take the time we have here on earth & squeeze the life out of it! Sounds like you & hubby are doing a very good job of that! Moonlight looks like a very handsome fellow & I have no doubt will be a wonderful addition to your family!


    • Moonlight is gorgeous and quite demanding of affection. He is quite cuddly, in a horse kind of way.

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    • Hy friends I like you


  13. I agree totally. I’m 72, my husband is 69, and I want to squeeze out every drop. One of the best things about getting old is you *appreciate* everything, taste everything. Congrats on the horse!


    • Thanks. You’re right… little things mean more, and big things mean a lot!


  14. We are very impressed – love the horse!


    • He is one big sweetheart!


  15. Diane

    Moonlight is Beautiful!


    • Thanks, he is even prettier in person. And he certainly knows how to flirt with the camera.


  16. I love it! You’re right, when we only have limited time left (me, too!), it is time to let go of our normally cautions natures and live life to the fullest. Congrats on getting the horse!


    • I no longer have to worry about long-term implications. I am now only here for the short term!


  17. docmccalla

    Nancy. Thank you. I’m a 65 year old male. Married three times. Divorced three times. Two beautiful children. I’ve ridden motorcycles for years. Jumped out of airplanes. Took chances with drugs and unsavory people when young.
    The bottom line here is this: I’ve never taken a chance on me. Your correct. Time is running out. Regret is the true sin. Your post has inspired me. No need for details. I wish you and yours’ the very very best. Thank you Nancy.


    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t want to live a risky life – but I don’t want regrets at the end of my life either. It sounds to me like you won’t – good for you!


  18. Yes all the way! Get the horse. Of course!! 👍😘😍

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  19. You are an inspiration, my friend. Love the convertible, the dog, the house and especially the horse. Sorry, I’m deathly allergic to cats. The blond looks stunning on you. I went with purple 😉


  20. Sorry, I haven’t read your book … yet, but expect to soon. I enjoy your comments online and sense a good “soul”… which is rare… Would enjoy knowing more about you… Al


    • Thanks, Al. I have been blogging for more than six years – everything about me is right in those blogs. No secrets after all those years!


  21. Donna Walsh

    Welcome Moonlight, to the loving Tom and Nancy household! You are beautiful; and any animal/pet in their care is blessed beyond anything this side of Heaven!


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