Nancy Roman

The Bummerbrag

We’re all guilty of it.

Oh, Okay. I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

You NEVER do it.

Only me and just about everyone I know (except you).

The Humblebrag.

The term I think has gone out of favor – even the Twitter account has been inactive for the past two years. But that doesn’t mean Humblebrags have gone away.

No – we still try to disguise our brags with some phony humility.

Here’s a few Oldies-But-Goodies from Twitter:





Now I love self-deprecating humor. You should never take yourself too seriously. But there is a huge difference between self-deprecating humor and the Humblebrag.

For example:

“My driver’s license lists parallel-parking as a restriction.”


“My parking is a disaster. The DMV required my Mercedes package to include Parking-Assist.”


And I’ve noticed lately that the Humblebrag has a subcategory that seems to be increasingly ubiquitous.

It’s the statement I like to call


The Bummerbrag happens when folks pretend to complain. But their complaint is  really one ginormous gloat.

I won’t say I’ve never done it myself.  Why just the other day I caught myself moaning about marketing my novel. “Why do I have to sell, sell, sell? I just want to do what I do best: Write.”

As that obnoxious comment was coming out of my mouth, I thought: “Bummerbrag.”

You have permission to make fun of me (behind my back is more fun) when I say or write something that pretentious.  Just say what I said to myself: “Yeah, your accomplishment is such a burden.”

So now that I’ve ridiculed myself and invited you to do the same, I’d also like to ridicule a few Bummerbrags I’ve seen lately:

“Ugh. My market has decided not to deliver on the only day I can wait at home for the delivery.”

Oh, it must be awful to be too busy to buy food.

“Oh no. I just got back from my last business trip, and I find out my company has scheduled me to give yet another presentation, this time in Spain. I’m exhausted.”

Oh dear. An all-expense-paid trip to Europe is just horrid.

“The capital gains tax this year is killing me.”

I’m so sorry that your investments made so much money.

“Mom dilemma. Penelope and Parker are both getting awards the same day on opposite sides of town.” 

I’ve met your kids. They’re getting Darwin awards.






  1. Bummerbrag. Hmm.. I’ll have to have more self awareness because yes, I may not even realize I’m doing it. It doesn’t help that I pretty much complain about everything (and forget all my many many blessings).


    • Complaining about everything is perfectly fine.


  2. I’m sure I could write a blog post as funny as this one if the president wasn’t always calling me for help with his speech writing.


    • Oh dear… and I’m sure he calls you at the most inconvenient times. Like right when the pope is visiting.


  3. OMG! Too true.

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  4. Ain’t no harm to moan. But you are seriously funny. I love this.


  5. Now that you mention it… naughty, naughty me. I had no idea. 😀 😀 😀


    • But it’s so hard not to. We’re just trying to make people feel less bad about their own pathetic lives when ours are so fabulous.


      • 😀 😀 I know. I’ve been there. Hadn’t thought about it till your post. 😀


  6. I’d reblog this if I’d didn’t already have so many post lined up…


  7. This so reminds me of an old boss I had. Drove a beamer which was a “company car.” He always complained about taxes. I wished I had his taxes and the income that came with it.


  8. Brilliant ending. Just hilarious. I’m guilty of these.

    BUT — my husband travels overseas for meetings all the time. He gets in a plane (coach these days), stays in a crappy airport hotel, gets stuck in a conference room for 12 hours, gets back in the plane. He never gets to do anything fun. (I of course, watch chick flicks on a loop while he’s gone)


    • Oh, I know there is a downside to business travel. But there are some people whose complaints are full of “I live a glamorous life, and you don’t.”

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  9. 🙂 Superb

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  10. But it is fun when one of these jumps out at you – and no I would never complain about my absolutely beautiful architecturally designed house (I live with the Architect) and people who keep asking to enter it into competitions. Bah humbug to me.


    • I’m sure it must be an annoying imposition for people to hound you about seeing your incredibly gorgeous home.

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  11. Bummerbrag. I love that!


    • Thanks! I think the term fits the experience!


  12. I have just a few seconds to comment. I’m about to dash off to Europe to introduce myself to the royal family who fell in love with my blog and want to meet me in person. I can’t believe only Prince William will be there and I’ll miss the Duchess of Cornwall who will be taking a nap because she’s pregnant. Bummer.



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