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Advice – The Good, The Bad, The Terrible

Over my many years, I’ve received lots of advice. Overwhelmingly, it’s been good advice. Like from my mother: “If you have to choose between getting a chore done and having fun, pick the fun. Years later, you won’t remember how many chores were done late, just how much fun you had.” And from my father: …

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The Bummerbrag

We’re all guilty of it. Oh, Okay. I will give you the benefit of the doubt. You NEVER do it. Only me and just about everyone I know (except you). The Humblebrag. The term I think has gone out of favor – even the Twitter account has been inactive for the past two years. But …

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This weekend I attended a party where I did not know anyone other than my husband and the hosts. This is not my kind of party. I am self-conscious and uncharacteristically shy around strangers.  People have told me that my shyness often comes off as conceit. It’s because…well …because… honestly… Because I AM conceited. And …

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